RED Phase and its Effect on Extracurricular Activities

In mid November, the Williamson County & Cities Health District (WCCHD) moved Williamson County to the RED Phase denoting Uncontrolled Community Transmission. Under RED, the recommendations are to Stay Home/Stay Safe. 
During this time, on-campus instruction will continue, as mandated by the State of Texas. Notably, transmission in schools, with safety protocols in place, does not appear to be as problematic as other activities. Our overall goal as educators is maintain a safe environment for Meridian students and staff. 
All other in-person activities will be very limited. Athletics will take place outdoors only. In order to maintain outdoor athletics, we ask that families limit attendance and remain only with your household. If this proves problematic, cancellation is the only option. The reasoning behind this is that if students or staff become ill off campus at school-sanctioned activities and then bring that illness to school, others are being put in harms' way.
As the situation has escalated to RED, that means we focus on academics to the exclusion of other activities.
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