FAQs for Free Meal Program - active through End of School Year

Do I need to sign up to get free meals? 

No! They're ready daily and available for all children living in the area under the age of 18. Read on for how to access meals ...

How does my distance learner get meals?

Distance learners have twice-a-week pickups. Students do not need to be in the car for meal pick ups (you will pick up at the Kinder tent in the center of the parking lot). 

Mondays from 11 am to noon: Breakfast for Mon-Wed, Lunch for Mon-Tue

Wednesdays from 11 am to noon: Breakfast for Thurs-Fri, Lunch for Wed-Fri

How does my on-campus learner get meals?

If your child is learning on campus, they can go through the cafeteria line to grab a complete meal. 

Primary breakfast starts at 7:30 am (and students should be in the cafeteria by 7:45 am at the latest); take the green line and drop your student off at the courtyard entrance. 

Middle School students may eat breakfast at the Mays cafeteria and High School students may eat breakfast at the Primary Cafeteria. 

How does my child under 18 who is not a Meridian student get meals?

Join us for the distance learner pickups twice a week!


Can my child get free a la carte items?

No, we are reimbursed by the government for full meals, only. A la carte items will be charged at a regular price through MySchoolBucks. (This includes extra entrees, juice, yogurt parfaits, etc).

What's on the menu? 


On campus Lunch

Distance Learners Lunch

For Secondary Students: Grab and Go

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