Message from Meridian Leadership

Dear families, students and staff,
Wednesday, we witnessed a mob’s violent disruption of the US Congress’s quadrennial responsibility to tally the electoral votes cast in the Presidential election. Late last night after the police and military cleared the Capitol; Democrats, Republicans, and Independents voted to confirm Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as the President and Vice-President Elect, respectively.
Many of us are still processing these unprecedented acts on what is considered hallowed national ground. But we cannot, as leaders and representatives of Meridian, stay silent. We recognize that many in our school community are traumatized by yesterday’s events. 
Meridian’s mission is to help our students grow into responsible citizens who artfully navigate our complex world. The ethos of justice and truth exists deep in the core of the International Baccalaureate's mission: to develop inquiring, knowledgeable, and caring young people who help create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect. We recognize that this starts with us, both as individuals and together as a school community. 
Our message to you is this: we are here to support you. We offer resources to help you process the events. Many of the images seen repeatedly across the media, including scenes of violence, the Confederate flag, and vandalism and theft inside our nation’s Capitol, are especially upsetting.
To our students: we encourage you to ask questions, and to think critically over what has transpired. Our Individuals and Societies (Social Studies) teachers are here for you as subject matter experts on civics, politics, and government. In fact, they met Wednesday evening to discuss how best to help you unpack the events of yesterday and are facilitating discussions today and tomorrow. As always, our counselors are here to offer mental support. 
To our parents and guardians: our Individuals and Societies teachers are compiling materials tonight that may be helpful for you in bringing the discussion home in an age-appropriate manner. They are posted in this link. Please read important notes at the top of the document; this is meant to be a helpful resource; it is not exhaustive, the link content may change as sites update information, and you know best how to approach unpacking difficult events with your child.  
If you have questions about the school’s response, you are welcome to contact your child’s principal. If you have questions regarding discussions in the classroom, please contact your child’s Individuals and Societies teachers. 
Rick Fernández
Head of School
Karalei Nunn
Founder and COO
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