Secondary Instruction will be held via Zoom Feb. 2-5

Regular distance learning meal pick up is on Monday and Wednesday from 11-12; if you’re newly picking up: PLEASE email Leslie Sterzinger at so that we don’t run out of food. Thanks!
Dear families of students in 6th-12th Grade,
We're asking for your help. We temporarily have a shortage of staff members on campus in secondary, 6-12.
Although we have only two staff members who have tested positive for COVID-19 since the return from winter break, we have numerous staff members who have been required to quarantine due to family exposure. That, along with the usual winter illnesses and family situations, has caused our secondary staff to experience a high rate of absenteeism.
Due to this shortage, we are asking parents who can to volunteer to keep their secondary students at home through Feb. 5 (if possible).
Students who need to be on campus may be grouped together in a socially-distant fashion for supervision, and will receive instruction via Zoom with their distance-learning classmates.
To recap: classroom instruction February 2 through 5 will be delivered synchronously via Zoom just as regularly scheduled, but we are asking that you keep secondary students at home if possible. Students on campus will not be with their designated teachers and will attend their classes synchronously via Zoom.
Again, this is voluntary and an anticipated need only through Friday, Feb. 5. If your student will come to campus, please complete this survey by noon Monday to allow us to adequately plan for supervision next week. 
On Monday Feb 1, students planning to come to campus Tuesday will need to check their email for further instructions before coming to campus.
Additional Information
Monday is an asynchronous learning day. The plans for Monday, Feb. 1, will not be affected. 
While data thus far indicates schools that practice proper masking, distancing, and sanitizing protocols have a relatively low-rate of transmission, it is imperative that all of us practice this in our personal lives. We ask that students and families who are able to be off campus next week be vigilant in your practices, so as not to risk additional exposure prior to your return to campus. The last thing any of us want is for cases to increase in our community after Feb 8.
We appreciate all that you have done thus far to keep our campus safe.   
Families with Students in Primary
Our primary campus is adequately staffed, and we strongly encourage families with primary students to continue bringing those students to campus next week.
If, however, primary students need to stay home for any reason, please fill out the On/Off Campus Change Request Form for those students. 
Contact your campus principal should you have any questions:
How we report COVID-19 Cases and our Dashboard
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