Weather Update: After School Programs Canceled

Here's where we stand now regarding the weather:
  • The county continues to recommend that schools remain open for the regular scheduled day for the following reasons:
  • The weather may warm slightly in the afternoon, perhaps making it safer to pick up later.
  • The County is busy placing de-icing chemicals on elevated roadways now (and re-applying them as rain washes it away).
  • After School programs (Triple A, After School 6-12) are canceled. Please make arrangements to pick up your students at regular dismissal (3:30 pm for primary, 4 pm for secondary).
  • You know your neighborhood/local roads best; you are welcome to pick up your student at any time today. We recognize that our families live across Williamson County.
  • Remember that tomorrow is an Asynchronous Day for the entire school.
Thank you, stay warm, and stay safe,
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