STAAR Information / HB 4545

All of the above is in accordance with HB 4545, passed by the Texas legislature this past summer. It applies to all STAAR tests in grades 3 through 8, and the high school STAAR EOC tests (Algebra 1, English 1 & 2, Biology, and US History).
This summer, Texas passed legislation (HB-4545) to address learning gaps identified by STAAR performance. In the past, students in grades 5 & 8 who did not pass the reading and/or math STAAR were subject to re-testing and possible retention. This requirement has been removed. Instead, all students who receive a score of “Does Not Meet” (i.e. do not achieve the minimum passing score of Approaches or the higher scores of Meets or Masters) in STAAR subjects will receive 30 hours of additional small group intervention/instruction per subject to close these gaps and improve STAAR performance next spring.
Additionally, students who did not take STAAR last year will take a Beginning-of-Year (BOY) STAAR test over last year’s material. For example; a current 9th grader would take the 8th grade Reading test, and if in Algebra 1 last year, the Algebra 1 EOC. The BOY STAAR test is composed of released STAAR questions and is used for internal evaluation only, The results are not reported to the State. If your student does not meet standard, then they will also qualify for the 30 hours of small group intervention.
It is important to note that the intervention will not take the place of regular classes or specials/electives.
Students who did not participate in STAAR (but were eligible) took the BOY Reading STAAR on Tuesday. They will take the appropriate Math STAAR on Monday.
You can learn more about House Bill 4545 at: TEA Accelerated Learning Resources
Online practice tests may be accessed here. Please note that Meridian does not expect your student to study for the BOY test, rather this is simply an opportunity for students to familiarize themselves with the test format and questions.
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