Welcome Back: Important Safety Information

Meridian continues to strongly encourage masking and expects our staff and students to do so to protect not only others but themselves as caring members of our community. 
Vaccines and boosters are widely available and our community members are urged to take advantage of these, as it is imperative that our staff and students remain healthy and in school throughout the spring semester.
We have heard of many businesses delaying their return after the holidays, flights cancelled, etc. If Texas schools close due to a staff shortage, as we had to do in secondary last spring, the time will have to be made up — either over spring break or to the end of May. Staff, students, and families do not want this to happen.
We share the following regarding COVID-19 and campus protocols:
  • There will be no change in Meridian’s isolation/quarantine protocols for students at this time. 
  • In an effort to reduce on-campus spread following the holidays (in light of the more contagious Omicron variant), Meridian held a testing clinic for staff members Monday morning, before returning to campus. 
  • Similarly, the school encourages families to test students at home before school starts back up on Wednesday (especially if students or household members are showing any symptoms). We understand that rapid test kits are hard to come by right now and that it’s not possible for every student to test. 
  • As we move into the second semester, depending on the situation, the school may reassess or cancel events.
What do you do if your student needs to quarantine/isolate now, or in the future?
  1. Report the absence via email. 
  2. Email Karen Laywell, with Meridian’s Health Team, at covidreport@mwschool.org. Please share whether your student has tested positive or is quarantining due to close contact.
  3. The Health Team will discuss length of quarantine or isolation. You may also review this information in the COVID-19 Health and Safety Protocols.
  4. Your student may be eligible to attend Remote Conferencing, which allows them to continue with their school work. The Health Team will notify you if this is the case, and set it up. 
What does Remote Conferencing look like?
Students log into Zoom sessions with remote conferencing staff for lessons and assignments tailored to each grade.
If students log in at the assigned time, they will not be counted as absent.
Remote conferencing takes a day to set up, so students will likely have an absence on the first day after reporting a quarantine or isolation. 
Additional Back-to-School Tips and Reminders
  • School starts with our regular schedule. Wednesday is an early release. Here's a link to the calendar and car line maps.
  • Don't forget to bring water bottles (labeled with student names), headphones and charged devices (if needed), and jackets (also labeled!). 
  • Remind students to clean out backpacks if they haven’t already done so (fingers crossed there are no leftover snacks in there). 
  • Stash an extra face mask in a plastic bag inside the backpack.
  • A reminder: the federal free meal program for all Meridian students continues through the end of this semester. All students may receive free breakfasts and lunches on campus.
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