BOGO Book Fair April 18-22

The book fair will be open for shopping:

April 18 – April 21 (Mon-Thur) from 8:30 am - 5:30 pm

April 22 (Fri) from 8:30 am - 11:30 am


Our Book Fair will again offer eWallet, a safe and secure alternative to cash. Create a free account to add funds and/or invite family and friends to contribute so your child can select their own books. Any unused funds can be spent at The Scholastic Store Online or to fund a future eWallet. If you had leftover eWallet funds from the Fall Book Fair, you should have received a Scholastic gift card by email in December or early January. You can use this gift card to fund a new eWallet. You can find more information at our book fair website.  


Can I volunteer?

We need volunteers to help make the book fair a success. If you'd like to help with running a cash register or packing up the fair when it is finished, sign up here!


May I donate?

We had a great response to eWallet donations in the fall, so we're bringing these back! The library will have an eWallet called Fund-a-Need, which will allow us to cover small expenses for students (like needing a little for tax), as well as buy books for the library.  Each grade level will also have an eWallet for teachers to buy books for their classrooms.  You can donate to any of the eWallets through these links:

Meridian Library Fund-a-Need


1st Grade Team

2nd Grade Team

3rd Grade Team

4th Grade Team

5th Grade Team

Thanks for your support!

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