Annual Fund Kick-off

Meridian School has officially launched its 2022-2023 Annual Fund campaign!
Our goal this year is to raise $325,000, and you can help us get there in record time.

Your donation of any size adds up – it's the power of participation! For families who are able, we ask for a donation of $250 for each student. (That's just $5 per week!)
What does your donation actually do?

Every year, the annual fund raises money that goes to improving the school's technology, library, environmental sustainability and student wellness, infrastructure, and teacher training.

Last year, the Annual Fund allowed us to do the following:
  • Install a shade structure outside of the Mays Cafeteria for additional cafe seating and an outdoor classroom
  • Improve safety and accessibility near the Primary Kindergarten entrance
  • Provide teacher retention and resume IB professional development
  • Repaint the parking lots and add signage
  • Purchase high-end computers for Design, Visual Arts, and more
  • Improve our wireless network
And more!
You can help us continue to provide a superior education by investing in technology, connecting our teachers to high quality training, expanding our library, and creating a hands on learning environment at our school.
Thank you for your support of Meridian World School!