MySchoolBucks Meal Program Fee

To offset rising food costs, Meridian School’s MySchoolBucks meal account payments now include a program fee of $2.75 per payment. A “payment” is any time you add money to your family MySchoolBucks account (not every meal purchased). This includes AutoPayments and one-time funds.


In the past, Meridian has been able to cover these program fees, but due to the continuous rise in food costs we can no longer pay these fees and keep meal prices the same. Instead of raising meals prices again the decision was made to charge the meal program fees.


This fee will be per payment, so we urge families to add money using the one-time funds option to make larger lump sum payments. This way you are able to add money to all your students' lunch accounts at the same time, therefore, one payment/one fee. Please note that you may not add more than $120 per student each payment. 


How do I make a one time fund payment? Read our step by step guide on making a one time fund payment in MySchoolBucks.


AutoPay: Families will be charged the $2.75 fee every time an auto payment is made for one of their students regardless of the payment amount. If you are on AutoPay, please be sure to adjust your preference amount accordingly, as this fee will charge each time. You may always opt out of the AutoPay options.

Can I only put money in MySchoolBucks with a payment card online?

Families who wish to avoid the $2.75 meal program transaction fee are welcome to drop off cash or check payments to any of our school offices. Please leave your funds in a labeled envelope with your student's name and school meals. A $25 returned check fee will be assessed for all returned checks. Money deposited in your MySchoolBucks account in this way is only available to use for meals.

Why doesn’t Meridian roll the price into lunches?

In January, we had to raise our meal prices to match the increase in food costs. Charging the program fee makes the overall meal costs less for our families than if we raised the meal prices by rolling in these fees.

What does Meridian’s Café offer for meals and what are the prices?

Check out our Café webpage for the latest menus and prices.