IB Visit and Continuum Evaluation

Every five years, IB schools go through an evaluation process – beginning with a self-study to identify strengths and areas for improvement and culminating with a visit from other IB educators to give feedback on our practices. This evaluation cycle is Meridian’s first as a continuum school – that means all three programs have worked together to analyze our practices.

In addition to the staff reviewing our practices, we sought feedback from parents and students at self-study events. Today through Friday, we are hosting six visitors from North and South America (three from the US, two from Canada, and one from Argentina). 

These visitors will meet with administrators, teachers, parents, and students and spend time in classrooms to see our practices in action. At the end of the visit, the IB Organization will issue a report that identifies strengths they saw as well as areas we can continue to grow. We approach these visits with a growth mindset and bettering our program for our students. We look forward to sharing the results of the visit with our families soon.