9/11 Thanks to First Responders

For the fifth year, Meridian students recognized the service of our police and fire departments by recognition to both stations serving Meridian. 
As our tradition continues, primary students made cards or wrote letters reflecting their appreciation for the fire department - and those were delivered Friday morning, September 11 along with a large decorated cake.   Reading the sincere thoughts of our younger students was certainly enough to make us extremely proud!   Pictured are just two of the many letters and books delivered!
Two secondary students delivered a gift basket and a letter from our Head of School to the Round Rock Police Department.  This is what Meridian's Head of School Rick Fernández had to say about the visit:  "The presentation was conducted entirely by Emma Kennedy, Meridian Senior, and Mohit Nadkarni, Meridian Freshmen. Our students spoke eloquently. I am very proud of them.  I am also very proud of Brenda Costin's 3rd and 4th grade arts students for creating the hand-made cards. They loved the cards and will be displaying them in their lobby. There were about 40 of them. I am very thankful to Kelly McBride for starting this tradition at Meridian."
We know from subsequent visits that these cards are read and posted.   We hope that they know they represent our sincere thanks for their work.
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