5th Grade Exhibition

With 35 groups presenting, topics ranged from skin cancer awareness to dealing with homelessness and the problem of food waste.   Fifth grade students combined their knowledge of major elements of the I. B. Primary Years Program - including central ideas and lines of inquiry, key questions, requisite skills including inquiry and research - and completed oral and visual presentations of the learning.   This 4-6 week study revolved around the grade level Central Idea "Movement drives society."   However, individual groups of students chose topics that were both meaningful to themselves as individuals and issues on a global scale.  It involved intense research, discussion of perspectives, and requirement of related "action."   Students handed out fliers in the carline regarding placing a car in idle for long periods of time; visited homeless persons downtown to hand out care packages; assisted at an animal shelter; planted plants in an area where construction had removed vegetation, etc.    We are extremely proud of our students - they exemplify what PYP students are meant to be!
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