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2019 Updates


As students move up a grade level, it is very likely your family will now use a different lane than last year. Please be sure to check the most recent Primary Pride and Lions Share to make sure you know where to go!



Primary Arrival & Dismissal Maps can be found HERE.
Secondary Arrival & Dismissal Maps can be found HERE.
Every family will need a car tag to pick up students (this includes secondary). Please make sure you pick up your tag before the first day of school. If you do not have a car tag, you will have to park and walk in to the receptionist to obtain one. This policy is in place to keep all our students safe!
We are doing our best to make arrival and dismissal run as smoothly as possible. Please help us by familiarizing yourself with the following procedures: 
COLORED DOTS: The colored dot on the back of your car tag is your designated lane for DISMISSAL but not necessarily arrival. For example, kinder students students are picked up in the BLUE lane but should be delivered in the YELLOW lane so that they don't have to cross traffic. 
ARRIVAL: Grades 2-5 may take the shortest of the YELLOW or GREEN lanes in the morning. While the maps recommend first graders be delivered in the YELLOW in order to enter through the primary doors, some feel comfortable entering through the courtyard and that is absolutely fine. Secondary students may be dropped off in any of three lanes.

DISMISSALNO LEFT TURNS NOON-5PM from Mays to Meridian Lane. Not only does this show courtesy to other drivers, it's the law. We expect to see a police presence on a regular basis and we'd hate to see our families be ticketed. 

SCOOCH UP: At dismissal, the closer you pull up to the car in front of you, the fewer cars we'll have blocking traffic. Doing so also keeps us from blocking our own lanes, which helps keep our carlines moving.

AFTERNOONS - NO LEFT TURN - Remember, NO LEFT TURN, from Mays in the afternoon. This is illegal and you may be ticketed. The lane will be blocked at the entrance to the driveway.


DO NOT TAKE GREENHILL - Meridian families should not use Greenhill when approaching Mays. The police traffic division has asked us to remind you that the signage at the Mays/Greenhill intersection is YIELD, intending to allow drivers to merge into the right hand lane. IF YOU STOP, and wait to pull over to the left-hand turn lane, you MAY BE TICKETED, as this is illegal.


CONTINUOUS RIGHT TURN - The City of Round Rock installed traffic control bumps, which allows a continuous traffic flow for those turning right from Mays. If you're coming from the south and turning left (remember mornings only!) you can make the left onto Meridian Lane. Just be sure not to change lanes until after you pass the bumps. 

So you may want to consider which line you use - remember Green/Orange is to the right and Blue/Yellow is to the left. If you need to move over, look twice and be careful!

BE NEIGHBORLY --It is important that we do not use our neighbors' parking lots to cut through or turn around. Also be sure not to block their driveways. Always leave space for their employees and customers to enter/exit.


UPCOMING CONSTRUCTION ALONG FRONTAGE ROAD - Construction will soon begin as they widen the frontage road. TxDOT is keeping us updated on their plans and will explain how the construction may affect our traffic over the next 18+ months. Come to the Fall Parent Meeting on September 12 to learn more!


Reminders & FAQs


1. No talking on cell phones.

2. When delivering primary kids in the morning, wait until your vehicle is in BETWEEN THE CROSSWALKS in front of the primary building. (Staff and volunteers will  open doors and watch to help them stay safe.)

3. Leave the CROSS WALKS CLEAR both at arrival and dismissal.

4. Stay in your color lane. DO NOT VEER to go around, the cars will move shortly and students may be exiting cars in other lanes. Safety depends on you staying in your lane . If you are in the wrong lane, wave to a teacher, she or he will help guide you.

5. The CLOSER you pull to car in front of you, the fewer cars will be left blocking traffic on public roads and surrounding businesses. (If we are nice to them they may let us use theIr parking lots for special events in the future. ;))

6. Dismissal reminder: NO LEFT TURNS NOON-5PM from Mays to Meridian Lane. This is a city ordinance and a sign is posted. Drive around from I-35 feeder and turn right on Paloma (2nd street). Please do not use Jeffrey Way to get to Mays as it tends to back up and cause traffic on the frontage road.

7. PATIENCE and GRACE. We are all human and make mistakes sometimes.

8. U-turns on Mays are not allowed. In the arrival and dismissal traffic and on a busy thoroughfare, it can be easy to miss the signs. 

9. Do not block side streets and entrances to other businesses.

  • Can I walk my student to class on the first day? Parents may walk their primary students to class on the first day, but please keep in mind it is going to be VERY difficult to park and navigate through the parking lot. We strongly suggest using the carline if your student is not in kinder or new to Meridian.
  • Regarding arrival only: I have a 6th and 2nd grader, so I use the green lane. Is the "x" the only spot to let them out of the car? If so, will there be safety patrol to ensure that the middle schoolers walking through the parking lot to get back to the middle school will be able to navigate the traffic in the lot? Yes, we will have crosswalks set up for middle schoolers to cross over to the new building. By having one drop-off location for each family, the carline will run faster.
  • Where will I park if I want to walk my student to class on the first day?  Parent parking is located in the space between the two buildings. To access those spots take the blue lane to park in the middle rows. Please note that the parking spaces at the Mays building is reserved for students and staff only. The first day will certainly be a challenge, but we'll get through it. We always do! :)
  • I have a 1st grade student. Do I have to deliver in the yellow lane? Not at all! If you prefer to use the green lane in the morning, you may do so, but we find that the kinder and 1st graders prefer to go through the front doors rather than enter through the courtyard. By assigning lanes, we hope the lanes will be evenly distributed, but certainly take the shortest. We do ask that primary students not be delivered in the blue lane in the morning.
  • What if I do not have a colored dot on the back of my tag? This is not required but is very helpful for the driver. If you are unsure which lane to pick up your students, contact Jessica @
  • I don't see Triple A on the map. Where do I pick up my students attending the after school enrichment program? Parents will park and walk in through the primary entrance to pick up students from Triple A. We suggest not arriving before 4:30 to avoid the secondary dismissal lines.
  • How will my secondary student know where to pick up my primary waiter? Assistant Principal Ms. Holcombe will be reviewing this with secondary students on the first day of school. If you have registered for the Waiters Program, we have the list of all those who are responsible for picking up primary waiters.
  • Help! I don't see an orange lane! The orange lane is only used during secondary dismissal and is for those picking up primary waiters with middle school siblings (no high school siblings).
  • Can my high school student drive to school on the first day? Yes, but ONLY for those who were issued a Meridian parking permit prior to the first day.
  • Use Mays southbound or northbound, NOT Greenhill
    Unless using the large carpool fast lane (purple), in the morning you should approach campus either via Mays southbound (from Jeffrey Way or Paloma) or via Mays northbound (from Old Settlers).  Do NOT use Greenhill (the street just southeast of the school, by the Toyota dealership).  The police have shared several violations they have noticed in this location, all related to trying to get into the line in the left hand turn lane:
    • Cars are cutting across two lanes, straight into the left turn lane.  This violation is called a "wide right turn".
    • Cars are stopping in the right hand turn lane of the Greenhill intersection.  This is also a violation, as there is a yield sign and cars are supposed to turn into the right hand lane as soon as it is free.
    • Cars are stopping in the middle of the intersection as they wait to get in line.
    The police will ticket any violations. Not only will this be negative for those ticketed, but it can affect everyone else as well.  The city is currently evaluatingwhetherthe 12:00pm-5:00pm No Left Turn sign on Mays should be extended to be an all the time No Left Turn. Use of Greenhill can have an impact upon this decision.

    Please do NOT use Greenhill. Approach Mays from the north (Jeffrey Way / Paloma) or the south (Old Settlers).
We will continue to add to these frequently asked questions so check back...
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