Meridian Students Win $10,000 for Charity

Ten at a Time was founded in 2014 when two Meridian brothers, Calvin and Carter Miller, banned together with 8 of their friends and started pooling their money together ($10 each, every month) in an effort to find their own way to making a positive impact in the world. Today there are 20 members of Ten at a Time, including Meridian students Niko Smith, Evan Highland and Luke Rubenstein. Ten at a Time recently participated in a voting campaign competing for a grand prize of $10,000 from the Austin-based Recognize Good Foundation. With the help of many awesome students and faculty at Meridian, Ten at a Time won the $10,000 with over 54,000 votes! Over the next couple of months the Ten at a Time boys will be giving away their $10,000 award to nonprofits and causes throughout Texas. See for more info.  


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