It's Official!

It's official! As of an International Baccalaureate letter dated 08 May 2017, Meridian is becoming an authorized IB World School in for the Middle Years Program! There are many districts around the state that offer the IB continuum, but very few that have the advantage of offering the continuum in the same school.  Meridian will be the fourth IB continuum school in Texas, and the first that is not in north Texas (the other three are Westlake Academy, Imagine International Academy, and North Hills Preparatory)!

There are lots of advantages to having all three programs at one school, not the least of which are the opportunities for interaction between students and faculty. For example, the PYP 5th graders are finishing up Exhibition right now.  As they were starting, they were visited by MYP 10th graders who had just finished their Personal Project, who added to the 5th graders excitement about Exhibition by showing them some of the cool things it can lead to in 10th grade Personal Project.

We as a school are excited to have finally achieved our goal of becoming an IB continuum school!

Roar, Lions, Roar!!!
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