Upcoming State STAAR Testing

Next week, students in several grades will be taking state STAAR tests.  


Please make sure your student is well rested, eats a nutritious breakfast and is on time to school. (8:00am Primary; 8:30am Secondary)


Students should not bring electronic devices to the STAAR testing room.  Accessing or even having an electronic device in one’s possession during testing can lead to invalidation of test results and will have serious disciplinary consequences as well.


Secondary students only:  Students should bring a sack lunch to school and will not have access to a microwave (lunch will be eaten in the testing room).  Students who do not bring a sack lunch will have the opportunity to purchase a sack lunch, which they will eat in the testing room.


Students are welcome to bring a snack to the testing room, as long as it is not distracting to other students in the testing environment.


April 10: 4th (Writing); 5th Math; 7th (Writing) & 9th (English 1) grade testing

April 11: 5th (Reading); 7th (Math Pre-Algebra) & 8th (Reading) grade testing

April 12: 10th grade testing (English 2) and STAAR Make-up


Again, please help your child be well-rested, focused, but not overly stressed.  They should do well!

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