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COVID-19 Updates

While the situation concerning COVID-19 remains fluid, we will share additional information for the 2021-2022 school year as we get closer to the fall and hear guidance from the TEA, CDC, and Williamson County and Cities Health District.
Here's where we stand now:
We will not be able to offer distance learning options in the fall of 2021. All instruction will be on campus.
Governor Greg Abbott issued an Executive Order prohibiting government entities, including public schools, from mandating masks beginning June 5, 2021. This includes Meridian School. We will comply with the law. We encourage unvaccinated students and adults to continue wearing masks to protect themselves and those who cannot get vaccinated. 
Current Cases   (Students and Staff *On Campus)
Previous Months (Students and Staff On Campus)
May: 1
April: 4
March: 0
February: 2
January: 4
December: 8
November: 4
Total Cases   (Students and Staff On Campus)
Updates and Clarification Added Jan. 29, 2021.
CDC guidelines detail quarantine lengths for those in close contact with someone who has tested positive. The CDC guidelines indicate that a person who is exposed to someone who was exposed is not at risk.