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Letter Jackets & Lettering

Miss the Letter Jacket Ordering & Sizing Event on 5/20?
Feel free to contact Meridian's Letter Jacket partner directly.

Herff Jones/ Overall Recognition


202 Laurel Dr., Round Rock, TX 78664


Please note that all orders must be verified by the school for eligibility.

(Herff Jones will work with the school to verify your order before it can be placed.)

Orders taken between 5/29 and 7/4 will be verified and placed after 7/5.


Once the order has been verified by the school and placed by Herff Jones,

please allow 2-3 months for letter jackets to be made and delivered to the school.


Questions? Please email

The Secondary Enrichment office is closed for Summer from 5/29-7/4.

2020-2021 Letter Jackets & Lettering Update

In recognition of the dedication and commitment required to be an IB student, all Meridian juniors and seniors have the privilege of purchasing a letter jacket with the Meridian "M" on the front. In the spring of each year, sophomores may also order their jackets to arrive to wear in the fall of their junior year.

Students who have lettered in their extracurricular activity have earned the opportunity to purchase the Meridian letter jacket with the Meridian "M" patch on the front as well as purchase a patch for the jacket sleeve representing their extracurricular activity. Additionally, students who have lettered may add an insert in the Meridian "M" patch depicting the extracurricular activity in which they lettered or the IB insert (as shown below). Students cannot purchase an insert for their Meridian "M" or a letter jacket patch for a Meridian sport or Meridian extracurricular activity in which they have not lettered.

Due to COVID-19, many extracurricular activities were not offered this school year or were not offered in a capacity that would qualify for lettering. Therefore, lettering for 2020-2021 will be limited to the following extracurricular activities: Class Council/Class Officers, Cross Country (HS), Debate Club, Model UN (HS), NHS, and Student Council.

Important Dates for 2020-2021 Letter Jackets & Lettering:
Tuesday, 3/30 - 2020-2021 Lettering Requirements posted.
Monday, 5/17 - Letter Jacket Ordering Info Meeting with eligible students via Zoom during Advisory.
Thursday, 5/20, 1-3 pm - Letter Jacket Ordering Event in the Mays Lobby. Parents/Guardians are welcome. Masks must be worn at all times.
August, 2021 - Letter jackets ordered at 5/19 Letter Jacket Ordering Event delivered to the school.
 Questions? Please email
About Meridian Letter Jackets & "Lettering" at Meridian

A letter jacket is traditionally worn to represent a student's school, team and/or competitive or leadership extracurricular activity. At Meridian, a letter jacket includes the red and black jacket itself and the Meridian "M" patch on the front left (see image). The "M" may or may not include an earned insert (see Tennis insert in image). To earn an insert, the student must have lettered in that Meridian extracurricular activity (see 2020-2021 Lettering Requirements.). The IB insert is the only exception. All Meridian students who are eligible to purchase a letter jacket and/or who have lettered in extracurricular activity may choose the IB insert (see image to the left).

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