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Nicholas Manuszak

Nick Manuszak joined Meridian in 2018 as the College and Career Readiness Teacher and MYP Personal Project Coordinator. He currently serves as the High School Counselor for grades 10-12.
Mr. Manuszak earned his Bachelor of Science from Ball State University and completed his Master of Science in Professional School Counseling from Angelo State University. He has gained teaching certification in Indiana and Texas, and also holds a Texas school counseling certification. Previously, Nick worked as a college counselor in Austin, Texas and he directed high school summer programs at the University of Texas at Austin.
His Maltipoos, Daisy and Doogan, are the unofficial mascots of Meridian and they love visiting school. Aside from counseling, Nick serves as the Student Involvement Committee sponsor and High School Cross Country Head Coach. In his free time he enjoys collecting records and spending time outdoors.