2019-2020 Letter Jackets & Lettering

Lettering and COVID-19
  1. Read about Meridian Lettering and Letter Jackets, including this year's Lettering Requirements here. More information can be found below on this webpage.
  2. The list of students who lettered in the 2019-2020 school year can be found here.
    • What should I do if I expected to letter but I do not see my name on the Lettering list?
    • If I did not letter, can I still order a letter jacket?
      • Students who will be juniors or seniors in 2020-2021 as well as the current graduating class of 2020 can order a letter jacket with the IB "M" letter insert at the Letter Jacket Ordering Event (or independently after that event) if they meet the Character Good Standing and Financial Good Standing requirements. Please see Lettering Requirements for more information.
  3. Ordering your letter jacket - The Letter Jacket Ordering and Sizing event will likely be scheduled for August. Jackets ordered in August should arrive in October -- just in time for cooler weather. The student's family must be in good financial standing with the School prior to ordering a letter jacket.
About Meridian Letter Jackets & "Lettering" at Meridian

A letter jacket is traditionally worn to represent a student's school, team and/or competitive or leadership extra-curricular activity. At Meridian, a letter jacket includes the red and black jacket itself and the Meridian "M" patch on the front left (see image). The "M" may or may not include an earned insert (see Tennis insert in image). To earn an insert, the student must have lettered in that Meridian extra-curricular activity (see lettering requirements here.). The IB insert is the only exception. All Meridian students who are eligible to purchase a letter jacket and/or who have lettered in extra-curricular activity may choose the IB insert (see image below).

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