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Letter Jackets & Lettering

Letter Jackets & Lettering
The Spring Lettering Season has ended.
If you wish to order a letter jacket or patch
and you missed the on-campus ordering event on May 17th and 18th,
please contact Meridian's Letter Jacket representative directly:
Trenton C. Overall 
Herff Jones/Overall Recognition

All Meridian Juniors and Seniors can purchase a Meridian letter jacket with a Meridian "M" patch. They may also order an IB patch insert or IB jacket sleeve patch and any "Optional Spirit Patches." (See Jacket Sleeve Options here, and find the Jacket Sleeve Patch catalog in the right column.)


All Meridian Sophomores can order their letter jacket in the spring to be worn starting the fall of their junior year.



Those who have lettered in a winter or spring season extra-curricular activity may also order a Meridian letter jacket with an insert and/or jacket sleeve patch recognizing the extra-curricular activity in which they lettered. Those who lettered may also order an IB patch insert or IB jacket sleeve patch and any "Optional Spirit Patches." (See Jacket Sleeve Options here, and find the Jacket Sleeve Patch catalog in the right column.) 


  Spring 2018 Lettering List (Those who lettered in their extra-curricular this spring), 
2018 Spring Season Lettering and Letter Jacket Ordering

Learn more about how to letter here.



Discover your Jacket Sleeve Patch options here. (See the catalog of Jacket Sleeve Patch options in the right column.) Need more info on this? Go here.



Learn more about the sizing and ordering event in school by reading WhenWhere and How below.

Find the price sheet here,

If you think you are eligible to letter this spring, please make sure all four of your requirements are met by April 19th. Check the Spring Lettering Requirements here.



Students who lettered in winter and spring sports and their leadership organization or competitive club will be announced on May 1.



Get professionally sized for your jacket and place your order with assistance from our Herff Jones representative on May 17th and May 18th, during high school (C) lunch - 1:00pm - 2:30pm



Letter jackets and patches ordered by May 18th at school with Herff Jones will be in August and will be distributed at school; or, order on your own through Herff Jones for later delivery. (For our representative's contact information, please email



The Spring Letter Jacket Info Session on May 10th will be in the OSC during advisory, This event is for students only.



Jacket Sizing and Ordering event with Herff Jones on May 17th and 18th will take place in the Mays Cafeteria Patio. Parents may attend this event.




Review this webpage to get started.



Learn more about your ordering options on May 10th in the OSC during advisory. This information event is for students only.



Get professionally sized and assistance with the ordering process on May 17th and 18th during high school (C) lunch. Place your order at this time, or place it after the fact on your own. Please note if you place your order after the fact on your own, it will not be delivered to school with the rest of the orders. This sizing and ordering event is open to parents.


For Frequently Asked Questions, please go here.
For questions about lettering in Winter and Spring Athletics, please email after reviewing the Spring Lettering Requirements.
For questions about ordering jackets or patches from previous lettering seasons, please email Mrs. Holcombe at

For questions about sophomore (spring only) junior and senior letter jackets, please email Mrs. Holcombe at



For questions about available patch options, please email


For questions about nomimations, please contact your club sponsor or coach. Find contact information here,
  For all other questions, after reviewing this webpage and the documents attached here, please email

About Meridian Letter Jackets & "Lettering" at Meridian

A letter jacket is traditionally worn to represent a student's school, team and/or competitive or leadership extra-curricular activity. At Meridian, a letter jacket includes the red and black jacket itself and the Meridian "M" patch on the front left (see image). The "M" may or may not include an earned insert (see Tennis insert in image). To earn an insert, the student must have lettered in that Meridian extra-curricular activity (see lettering requirements here). The IB insert is the only exception. All Meridian students who are eligible to purchase a letter jacket and/or who have lettered in extra-curricular activity may choose the IB insert (see image below).

Letter Jacket
Sleeve Patch
Front cover
Inside left page
Inside right page
Back cover