Letter Jackets & Lettering

Lettering and COVID-19
As IB students, all Meridian students in the classes of 2021 and 2022 are eligible to order a letter jacket. Additionally, all students who lettered in their extracurricular activity in the 2019-2020 school year can order a letter jacket representing the extracurricular activity in which they lettered. Under normal circumstances, our Letter Jacket partner, Herff Jones, would host a sizing and ordering event on the Meridian campus. However, due to COVID-19, they will be hosting a sizing and ordering event at their office by appointment only on Tuesday, September 15th (3:50-6:00 pm) and Wednesday, September 16th (2:00-6:00 pm). A new digital catalog and ordering packet will be shared soon. Please sign up for your personal sizing and ordering appointment here. Please sign up by 12 pm on Tuesday, 9/15. 
The Ordering and Sizing Event location and contact information can be found where you sign up for your appointment, here.
The student's family must be in good financial standing with the School prior to ordering a letter jacket.
About Meridian Letter Jackets & "Lettering" at Meridian

A letter jacket is traditionally worn to represent a student's school, team and/or competitive or leadership extra-curricular activity. At Meridian, a letter jacket includes the red and black jacket itself and the Meridian "M" patch on the front left (see image). The "M" may or may not include an earned insert (see Tennis insert in image). To earn an insert, the student must have lettered in that Meridian extra-curricular activity (see lettering requirements here.). The IB insert is the only exception. All Meridian students who are eligible to purchase a letter jacket and/or who have lettered in extra-curricular activity may choose the IB insert (see image below).

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