COVID-19 Updates

Important Resources
CDC's guidance on quarantine timelines
      • Scroll down to Past Updates and click on the most recent date
      • Then click on Williamson County COVID-19 Update Report

Our Return to Campus Protocols will be updated as needed according to the latest recommendations from the TEA and CDC. Please come back to this resource often for guidance; you will find many questions answered here.
*Updated September 18, 2020. You can find updates by looking for comments in Google Doc above. 

Return to Campus Overview

On Aug. 27, the Meridian School Board considered the Return to Campus overview and approved a phased return schedule based upon the science-driven methodology prepared by the Williamson County & Cities Health District (WCCHD). We have created Return to School Protocols and are on track to reopen Meridian School as early as September 21 on a phased return schedule. 


Start September 21
  • Week of Sept. 21 - Open to Kindergarten, 1st, 6th and 12th grades 
  • Week of Sept. 28 - Open to K-3rd, 6th-7th, and 11th-12th grades 
  • Week of Oct. 5 - Open to all students who choose on-campus instruction

  1. You may make a new decision about choosing on-campus or distance learning prior to the beginning of each quarter. 
  2. We encourage families to stay with your commitment for the quarter.  However:
    1. If a student is on-campus, and a family wishes to move to distance learning, you may notify your principal.,, or
    2. If a student is a distance-learner and the family wishes to move to on-campus, you may inquire with the principal at the emails above.  If space is available and adequate to maintain social distancing protocols, one change per quarter is permitted to on-campus.