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Yair Colon

Yair Colón joined Meridian School in 2022. Yair has previously taught third and fourth grade, and coached tennis and swimming for middle school students. His teaching philosophy is aspiring students to become lifelong learners. He believes that learning is for all, and that academics and physical well-being are equally important. He grew up in a diverse community in Central Texas. Mr. Colón graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Kinesiology at the University of North Texas. His passion for learning and sports is what drives him to become a great educator. Coach Colón holds teaching certifications in physical education (EC-12), general education (EC-8), and English as a second language (EC-12). He enjoys running, hiking, live music, reading, and team sports. His favorite teams include the Dallas Cowboys, San Antonio Spurs, and Tottenham Hotspur FC. He is excited to be a part of Meridian and looks forward to encouraging students to live an active lifestyle.