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Jennifer Cullen attended The University of Texas at San Antonio as a member of the Honors Program and a Presidential Honors Scholarship recipient. After a brief stint as an Engineering major, she graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in English, a prize for an undergraduate thesis, and dual teaching certifications in English and Mathematics. Ultimately, Ms. Cullen quickly found that she is interested in many areas of knowledge but passionate about teaching English classes, so she has exclusively taught English since 1999. She is grateful for her experiences teaching classes of varied levels (on-level, Pre-AP, IB, gifted, and AP) and getting to know a wonderful diversity of students. After teaching AP English Language for more than 20 years, Ms. Cullen joined Meridian World School in 2022, excited to join a fully IB school and engage in lifelong learning. She holds National Board certification in English and values ongoing opportunities to reflect on her teaching practices to better serve students. Ms. Cullen believes that each student, with time, collaboration, and reflection, can progress in learning, empathy, and academic skills -- and she hopes most to help students feel valued, welcomed, and more confident as they advance toward the next year, the next goal, the next challenge. Beyond the classroom, Ms. Cullen enjoys singing at her church, catching up on reading and her shows, indulging in good coffee and favorite ice-cream flavors, and spending time with her nature-loving husband, super-funny daughter, and extremely needy dog named Barney.