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Andrew Kinder

Mr. Andrew Kinder, a native of Seattle, Washington, joined the Meridian community in 2023, infusing it with his diverse global experiences and a strong commitment to education. His academic journey began at the University of Hawaii, where he completed his bachelor’s degree in international business and management in 2008, followed by an enriching semester studying in Paris, France, which expanded his international perspective.
In 2016, he and his wife embarked on a global expedition- an ambitious six-month journey, traveling through nine different countries. This adventure significantly enhanced his understanding of diverse cultures and international business practices, insights he is eager to share in his new role at Meridian.
Professionally, Mr. Kinder has a background in technology and hospitality, with his career taking him to various U.S. cities, including the Bay Area and San Diego in California, Denver, Colorado, and now Austin, Texas. Each of these experiences has contributed to his adaptable and multifaceted skill set.
In addition to his professional endeavors, he is a devoted father to twins, a boy and a girl, whose energy and curiosity are a constant source of joy and inspiration. Balancing his family life and career, he is currently enrolled in Austin Community College (ACC), working towards his teacher certification. This step reflects his deep-seated passion for education and his aspiration for teaching, a role he believes will allow him to make a meaningful impact on future generations.
As a member of the Meridian family, Mr. Kinder is enthusiastic about the opportunities to integrate his vast experiences and educational aspirations into the community. Residing in Austin, Texas, he is captivated by the city's cultural diversity, technological innovations, and abundant outdoor activities. He looks forward to contributing to Meridian and pursuing his goal of teaching, guided by his global experiences and his commitment to lifelong learning.