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Yearly College Planning Calendar



Yearly College Planning Calendar




  • Construct a daily time management calendar
  • Focus on doing your best in each class
  • Select a strong college prep curriculum for high school
  • Remember that high school credit course grades (math and languages) will appear on your high school transcript that will be sent to colleges!  This is part of your "forever" academic record.




  • Select challenging courses and strive for your personal best
  • Continue to work on daily time management
  • Investigate and participate in extracurricular opportunities inside and/or outside of school
  • Begin learning college admissions information – read articles, talk to friends/parents about their college experience, visit colleges when traveling, etc.
  • Investigate summer enrichment programs
  • Begin a resume and update as you complete activities




  • Maintain good study habits and good grades in classes
  • Maintain involvement in extracurricular activities and investigate leadership roles
  • Register for rigorous college prep courses for the junior year
  • Look for summer volunteer opportunities
  • Include college visits when traveling, or utilize up to 2 school day approved absences for college visits. Check college website for daily visit/tour options. A note from the college visited must be submitted upon return. 
  • Participate fully in your College Readiness class! This will lay the groundwork for all college testing, selection, and applications to come in the next two years.
    • Prepare for the PSAT and Practice ACT and use results to guide you in preparation for the SAT & ACT to be taken in junior year
    • Become familiar with general college entrance requirements
    • Begin researching colleges and building a potential college list



11TH GRADE: Do ALL of above PLUS:



  • Attend fall College Fairs; note the “College That Change Lives” meeting in August
  • Check the Meridian website for announcements regarding college visit opportunities and attend sessions of colleges and universities of interest
  • Keep a list of college representatives’ names
  • Create files for college information
  • Take PSAT in October
  • Use holiday breaks to work on practice ACT & SAT materials
  • Use PSAT and Practice ACT results to assess weaknesses and strengths before spring testing; also compare your scores to desired college admission requirements
  • Register for spring ACT and SAT exams



  • Choose senior courses with a strong college prep program in mind
  • Use student holidays to make college visits, or use up to 4 approved college visit days to visit on school days. A note from the college visited must be submitted upon return.
  • Seek summer job during spring break
  • Review practice ACT and SAT materials two or three times a week
  • Take ACT and SAT
  • Attend spring NACAC College Fair in Austin; register in advance at
  • Start to identify junior teachers whom you will ask for letters of recommendations


12TH GRADE             



  • Begin looking at college application materials online (Common App opens August 1; ApplyTexas opens July 1)
  • Attend Colleges That Change Lives conference and/or other college events in the Austin area to continue college research
  • Make a calendar to keep up with admissions, housing, scholarship, and financial aid deadlines
  • Update resume to be ready to submit with college applications
  • Attend Senior Conference with your counselor; check credits to be sure everything is in line for IB Diploma and graduation
  • Register for fall ACT and SAT if you want to retest for a higher score
  • Watch for scholarship announcements



  • Attend college representatives’ presentations at the high school or evening sessions offered locally
  • Continue working on essays and find someone to proof and to give feedback
  • Continue working on applications
  • Order transcripts as necessary
  • Pay close attention to updates emailed/announced from your counselor
  • Spend time on weekends reviewing SAT or ACT practice materials if retesting
  • Attend Financial Aid Information night with your parents



  • October 1 - FAFSA opens!  Submit this financial aid form as soon as possible.
  • Attend College Fair(s)
  • Keep up-to-date on scholarship opportunities
  • Keep working on applications
  • Double check all application deadlines for your colleges
  • Be sure to review practice test items for any October testing
  • Give teachers, counselors, and other adults necessary recommendation forms

(and attach a resume)

  • Make a college visit on a student holiday, or utilize up to 4 approved college visit days. A note from the college visited must be submitted upon return.
  • FALL BREAK:  A great time to work on applications! 



  • Finish applications with final essays
  • Double check on recommendations, transcripts and deadlines
  • Write thank you notes to people writing recommendations
  • Write a thank you to any college rep who has been especially helpful
  • Regularly check scholarship listings
  • Celebrate at Thanksgiving break (and give THANKS) that you finished all your apps before December 1!!!!!



  • Study early for exams to avoid last minute cramming (good practice for college)
  • Remember that these first semester senior grades will be seen by most colleges
  • Submit mid-year report transcript requests to the registrar
  • Complete scholarship forms on winter break
  • Have some fun over the holidays!



  • Check on ordering graduation announcements, cap, gown, etc.
  • Ensure your FAFSA is complete and has been submitted to all your colleges
  • Check to be sure all necessary Mid-Year Reports have been submitted



  • Continue working on scholarship applications
  • Check on any senior events that require $$$$ deposits



  • Take final college visit(s), if needed to finalize your decision (max 4 excused college visits days for the year). A note from the college visited must be submitted upon return.
  • Work over spring break for extra cash or start looking for a summer job - or enjoy the Senior Trip!



  • Receive final letters from colleges. Focus on your successes!
  • Have a talk with parents regarding college choice and financial aid offers, and

come to a final decision

  • Respond, in writing, by May 1st to all colleges with accept or regret
  • Be sure to check that all necessary tuition and housing deposits were made
  • Prepare for IB exams



  • Order final transcript for final choice college
  • Take IB exams and final exams
  • Be sure you have signed up for summer college freshman orientation session
  • Wear T-shirt and carry around a plastic cup or other college swag from your chosen college and develop allegiance to your new school community!
  • Write your parents a thank you note for the first 18 years!! (And your teachers!)
  • Thoroughly enjoy graduation and all accompanying activities!