Welcome to music.  I am so thrilled to have the privilege to teach your children.  It is my belief that music is the universal language that unifies us all and teaches us to appreciate and embrace diversity within all cultures.  Beyond this, music makes connections to many other arts and subjects.  For example, music naturally incorporates dance, history, social studies, math and science; therefore, we will make sure to align the musical activities to the grade level IB planners, in order to reinforce and integrate these subjects and concepts within the music classroom.  Such activities will include singing songs, dancing and movement, playing a variety of instruments, conveying story messages, reading and writing music as well as critiques of their musical performances inside and outside of their music class. The students will show critical evaluation and response in the form of group discussions in class and verbal and written critiques and reflections inside and outside of the classroom, especially after observing or performing in a concert.  By participating in these reflections, the students will also make connections to other subjects such as Language Arts, Social Studies, and History.

Throughout the year, the students will be involved in these performances, to be educated in a diversity of musical styles and how to exhibit appropriate concert etiquette as both performers and audience members, in a variety of settings.  In addition, the students will learn to speak publicly and perform expressively, from memory and music notation and texts, independently and in ensembles.  Most importantly, I hope to instill a passion for music and its' practices to translate for a lifetime.