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Outside Course Credit, Credit by Exam

Outside Course Credit Information

If a course for high school credit is failed (Algebra 1, French 1A or 1B, Spanish 1A or 1B), then that high school credit course must be made up over the summer to advance to the next level in that subject next year. 
In addition, students who are apart of the math acceleration program must take the math exams to test out of those courses.
Find details on outside courses below:

Austin Community College Classes for High School Students

Austin Community College offers college credit courses to qualified high school students in the ACC service area. ACC credits are transferable to most Texas public colleges and universities. Note that Meridian School does not have a Dual Credit agreement with ACC. Courses taken at ACC will not be posted on students’ high school transcripts.  

It’s important to verify ACC course transferability with your student’s future four-year institution. Tuition and fees are waived for in-tax district students, and out-of-tax district students are assessed a $150 fee per course. Please note that these courses require significant work and may be best suited for summer, as classes at Meridian need to remain a focus during the school year (especially for students in the Diploma Program in grades 11-12).

The HS Programs Enrollment Guidebook includes step-by-step instructions required for high school students who desire to participate in ACC courses. It also includes information about ACC ID and ACC email activation, registration instructions, and eligible college readiness scores. Read more.

Application Steps and Checklist:

HS Programs Enrollment Guidebook (PDF)

Questions? Please contact Mr. Nick Manuszak (high school counselor).