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Our Secondary Counselors are here to help you with course decisions, college questions, graduation requirements, and mental health. We are here to support you. Please reach out! 
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Outside Course Credit Information
If a course for high school credit is failed (Algebra 1, French 1A or 1B, Spanish 1A or 1B), then that high school credit course must be made up over the summer to advance to the next level in that subject next year.
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Peer Assistance Course
The Peer Assistance course requires an application; limited spots are available. This course is described as follows in the course selection guide:

Peer Assistance for Students with Disabilities 1 is designed to promote an inclusive educational environment for students receiving special education services. This course provides peer assistants the opportunity to understand the different disabilities of the students, develop leadership skills to aid the learners, and work on communication skills between the peer assistant and the learners.
Peer assistants obtain initial training in confidentiality, cueing, prompting, and positive reinforcement to be used with their students. Peer assistants aid the teacher inside the special education setting by modeling appropriate learning behaviors, assisting with hands on learning activities, and developing activities to facilitate inclusion within the classroom. The goal is to create a relationship among age-appropriate peers of different abilities, both socially and academically, that will last long beyond the classroom time.