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During carline, Meridian staff and volunteers help move hundreds of vehicles through campus. 
Please be considerate of all drivers in our community and follow these procedures to help make the process as as smooth and safe as possible.
Our first priority is safety. As per State law, refrain from using handheld devices in the carline unless your vehicle is in park. When using the PikMyKid app, please make sure you're at a complete stop at the PikMyKid stop sign. 
We use the PikMyKid carline app to assist with dismissal. Check out our guide for information.
How to get to the campus - a map

Getting to Campus for arrival/dismissal

Meridian is located between IH-35 and Mays St, just north of Old Settlers Rd. The campus can be accessed four ways during carline:

🟡 🟢 🟠 To access Yellow, Green, and Orange lanes 

    1. If driving south on Mays St, turn right onto Meridian Ln.
    2. If coming from IH-35, head north on IH-35 service road, turn right onto Paloma,* and right onto Mays St, then turn right onto Meridian Ln.
*The Round Rock Police Dept. has asked us to use Paloma only. Do not take Jeffrey.
Please do not ...
- turn left off of Mays onto Meridian Ln if you need the green and orange lane.
- drive north on Mays and then make a u-turn.
- block access to side streets and business entrances while waiting on Mays St.
- turn left onto Mays St. when leaving campus during carline
- attempt to access these lanes by turning off of the IH-35 service road. This is fastlane only.

🔵 🔵 🔵 To access Blue Lane 

    1. Drive north on Mays St. and turn left onto Meridian Ln.
Be mindful that ...
- oncoming Mays traffic does not stop.
- it is illegal to make a right turn into the Blue Lane from southbound Mays.

🟣 🟣 🟣  To access Fastlane (Purple Lane) 

    1. If approved for Fastlane, drive north on IH-35 service road and turn right on Meridian Ln. Do not move your child into Fastlane if you have not been approved.
Please do not ...
- wait on the IH-35 service road if the carline is backed up; drive north and make a u-turn onto Mays St and try again.
- take the IH-35 turnaround and cross over three lanes of traffic, this is illegal. Enter the IH-35 service road from Old Settlers Blvd.


Primary K-5 Carline is from 7:30 am to 8 am.
Staff do not arrive until 7:30 am; the building doesn't open to students until 7:30 am.
Students arriving after 8:05 am will be considered tardy, and can enter through the main Primary entrance doors.
Secondary 6-12 Carline is from 7:30 am to 8:30 am.
Students are encouraged to wait until after 8 am to allow for Primary students time to arrive.
Students arriving after 8:30 am should check in at the front office.
See attendance/tardy policy on page 10 in the Handbook.
🟡  Yellow Lane | K – 1st (PLUS older siblings, NO breakfast traffic)
🔵  Blue Lane | 2nd – 4th (may choose yellow/green)
🟢  Green Lane | 2nd* – 5th (NO K-1st siblings) and K-5th breakfast eaters
🟣  Purple Lane | Fastlane 
  • Grades 6th-12th, use the fastest lane
  • Secondary families: please drop off at 8 am or later when possible
  • In the Blue Lane, students should enter and exit from the drivers side and walk along the fence to the staffed crosswalk behind the drop off zone
  • Secondary students wanting breakfast may go to the Mays Cafeteria and exit carline in any lane
  • Primary families: see videos on how students get to their classroom from carline!
*Students should be ready to exit the vehicle once you pull to a stop. If in blue/green lanes, especially, children should be ready to exit the vehicle without outside assistance once the vehicle pulls to a stop.


Primary K-5 Carline is from 3:35 pm to 3:50 pm (1 pm to 1:25 pm Wednesdays)
Please do not arrive before 3 pm (you're welcome to arrive any time between 3:30 pm and 3:45 pm. Carline moves fast!). Arriving early makes it difficult for ongoing school activities and deliveries to occur. If you do arrive early, please turn off your vehicle while you wait, whenever possible. 
Vehicles arriving before 2:30 pm will be asked to leave carline and park somewhere away from campus until 2:30 pm.
Secondary 6-12 Carline is from 4:05 pm to 4:35 pm (1:35 pm to 2 pm Wednesdays)
Please do not arrive before 3:50 pm; you will block adults from picking up primary students.
Primary (Grades K – 5th)
🟡  Yellow Lane | Kindergarten (PLUS siblings in 1st – 5th)
🔵  Blue Lane | 1st graders (PLUS siblings in 2nd – 5th)
🟢  Green Lane | 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders only (NO K-1st siblings)
🟣  Purple Lane | Fastlane pass holders only
Secondary (Grades 6th – 12th)
🟠  Orange Lane | Middle School Students only (NO Primary or High School siblings)
🟢  Green Lane | High School (PLUS Waiters and Middle School siblings)
🔵  Blue Lane | Middle School (PLUS Waiters)
  • During Primary dismissal, drivers use PikMyKid to "announce" students after they pull to a full stop at the PikMyKid stop signs.
  • Secondary dismissal does NOT use PikMyKid to "announce."


For Triple A / After School Pick Up

🟡  Triple A K – 5th
  • Enter through the Yellow Car Lane.
  • Park in a parking spot, announce through PikMyKid, and walk up to the entrance to stand in line with your child's yellow car tag in hand. See 'Triple A' email for details.
  • Staff will look for your car tag and call your student out to meet the car. It may take a few minutes as they walk from the playground or another area.
🟡  After School 6th – 12th
  • Enter through the Yellow Car Lane. 
  • Pull up in the student parking lot (the Mays building south lot with white numbers) and put your vehicle in park. Open the app and “announce” your child.
  • Staff will notify your child and your child will walk out to the car.


Ticketable offenses

  • Crossing three lanes of traffic to get into the fastlane/Meridian Ln
  • Crossing over raised lane markers
  • Making a right turn off of Mays into the Blue Lane
  • Turning right from Greenhill Dr to make a left on Mays to get to Meridian
  • U-turns on Mays St
  • Blocking the intersection between Mays St and Old Settlers Blvd.



When parking for any reason, use blank parking spots. Numbered spots have been assigned to staff and students.