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After School 6th-12th

The safe place for middle school and high school students to hang out and socialize from dismissal until 5:45pm. For those who cannot be picked up at dismissal or those who need a place to be before or after their extracurricular activity.

Parents, please note that for safety purposes, students are not permitted to remain on campus unsupervised after carline. Whether they are waiting for a ride or for their extracurricular activity to start, they must wait in After School 6th-12th. There is an annual commitment fee for students who need access to this safe, waiting space whether they use it twice during the year or every day. Students can socialize with their friends, do homework or other quiet activities.


The annual commitment fee is $100 for the school year per student, which is only $.50 a day if used all year. This fee allows us to staff the space with Meridian employees trained in school safety protocols. If you anticipate that your student will need access to After School 6th-12th during the 2021-2022 school year, please register May 3, 2021. Registering as soon as possible assures your student will have a spot and allows us time to plan the appropriate number of employees. Even occasional users need to register.




Use the MySchoolBucks "Pay" button below to pay the $100 commitment fee PER SECONDARY STUDENT. All commitment fees are required through MySchoolBucks. Please do not send/bring checks or cash to the school. 


We will use the email addresses provided in MySchoolBucks to contact you regarding After School 6th-12th.




Review the Frequently Asked Questions below for more information.



For the 2021-2022 School Year:

 1. Thoroughly review this webpage in it's entirety

 2. Pay the 2021-2022 After School 6-12 Commitment Fee for each student by clicking the "Pay" button below


Important Information Before Clicking "Pay"

For students currently enrolled in Meridian School:
  • Please login to your MySchoolBucks account to purchase.
For students new to Meridian School:
  • Check out as a guest.
  • Please document your Payment Confirmation Code or print your Payment Confirmation page as you will not receive an emailed receipt. 
For Siblings:
  • Add the first student's enrollment fee to your cart by clicking "Purchase"
  • Before entering payment information and clicking continue, go back to the webpage and re-click the "Pay" button.
  • Add the second student's enrollment fee to your cart.
  • Continue this process until all students have an enrollment fee added to your cart.
  • Complete the payment process by checking out and selecting payment information.
  • If you do not add all students' enrollment fee to your cart before checking out, you will receive an error message when processing the second payment. 
  • In order to bypass this error message, wait 24 hours and then repurchase the enrollment fee for the student that received the error message.



LATE PICK UP from After School 6th-12th may result in withdrawal from After School 6th-12th.


  • Students who are picked up late from After School 6th-12th will be charged $5.00 per 5 minutes PER STUDENT.
  • Late begins at 5:46. In other words, $5 will be charged at 5:46, $10 at 5:56, and so on.
  • Repeated late pick ups will result in withdrawal from After School 6th-12th.
  • Fees must be paid via MySchoolBucks invoice within 10 calendar days. Failure to pay the late pick up fee within ten days will result in withdrawal from After School 6th-12th. Additionally, failure to pay late pick up fees within 10 days could deem your student financially ineligible for all Meridian-related extra-curricular activities, experiences and events such as Athletics, Clubs, school dances, the purchase of yearbooks and more. To check your school accounts, please log in to your MySchoolBucks account.

1-5 minutes = $5.00

6-10 minutes = $10.00

11-15 minutes = $15.00

16-20 minutes = $20.00

21-25 minutes = $25.00

26-30 minutes = $30.00

31-35 minutes = $35.00

36-40 minutes = $40.00 ...





Who should sign-up to participate in After School 6th-12th?

  • 6th-12th grade students who cannot be picked up at the 4:00/1:30 dismissal and need a safe place to be during after school time while they wait to be picked up for the day.
  • Students may also use After School 6th-12th while they wait for their extracurricular activity to start or after their activity ends for the day while they wait to be picked up.
  • Even occasional users need to register.
  • After School 6th-12th is the designated place for secondary students to hang out before, after and instead of extracurricular activities. It ends at 5:45pm. All students must be picked up by 5:45pm.
  • After School 6th-12th is designed for all 6th-12th grade students who cannot or are not picked up in carline during dismissal and do not have somewhere else on campus to be with a coach, teacher or club sponsor by 4:20pm (1:50pm on Wednesdays). It is also where students would go immediately after their after school activity concludes (if by 5:45pm) to be picked up by their parent/guardian. (For activities that conclude after 5:45pm, secondary students are picked up outside between the Mays and Primary Buildings.) 


Why was the title changed from Study Hall to After School 6th-12th?

  • Students are not required to study during After School 6th-12th. After School 6th-12th is designed to be a safe place for students to socialize.

Where is After School 6th-12th located?

  • The students are supervised by Meridian staff in the Mays Building Cafeteria.

What happens after dismissal and how does After School 6th-12th fit in?

  • Immediately after school day dismissal and collecting personal belongings, all 6th-12th grade students are either to report to:
    • their designated carline to be picked up
    • after school tutorials, their coach or the club sponsor of extra-curricular activity (assuming it starts immediately after school), important note - all clubs will be virtual at least for Fall semester 2020.
    • or directly to After School 6th-12th in the Mays Cafeteria and sign in with the staff on duty.
  • All 6th-12th grade students should be where they belong by 4:20pm (or 1:50pm on Wednesdays). Students are not to wander the campus after 4:20pm.

What if my student has a meeting, practice or game (or other activity) at the school that starts after 4:20pm?

  • For meetings, practices and games, and other activities that begin after 4:20pm (1:50pm on Wednesdays), but before 5:45pm, 6th-12th grade students can either:
    • Wait in After School 6th-12th until the coach, teacher, or club sponsor signs them out for that scheduled activity
    • Be picked up in carline and brought back to school at the start time of the activity
    • Or be picked up after 4:30pm (2:00pm on Wednesdays) in After School 6th-12th (in the Mays Cafe) and then brought back to the school at the start time of the activity. 
  • Students are not to be left unsupervised on campus. They must either wait in After School 6th-12th until signed out by a parent/guardian, teacher, coach or club sponsor, or they must be picked up by a parent/guardian and returned at the start time (or up to 10 minutes before the start time) for that activity. 
  • Sports coaches will not be on campus more than 10 minutes prior to the start of a practice or 30 minutes prior to the start of a game.

What happens if my student is not registered but is not picked up on time (car line and/or extracurricular)?

  • For regular after school pick up time: Students not picked up after the after school car line ends will be escorted to After School 6th-12th and given a one-time pass to attend without registering. The next occurrence will require registration.
  • For students who participate in extracurricular activities: Parents should discuss the pick up plan with their student in advance and communicate the plan with the extracurricular leader. Students not picked up immediately after their extracurricular activity ends will be escorted to After School 6th-12th and given a one-time pass to attend without registering. Parents may wait in the cafe for their student’s activity to end. 

How much does it cost to register?

  • The After School 6th-12th commitment fee is $100 for the 2020-2021 and 2021-2022 school year PER STUDENT for the entire school year.

What is the deadline to register?

  • In order for students to attend in August 2021, the deadline to pay the commitment fee is Monday, August 2 at 11:59pm.
  • We plan to allow registration throughout the school year. However, enrollment may stop and the commitment fee payment button may be disabled if enrollment increases higher than what we can accommodate in the space and with available monitors.

Why is registration required?

  • We are always working to enhance systems at Meridian to ensure our students are safe and our staff feel appreciated. During the 2017-2018 school year, families were expected to submit a registration form but most did not leaving the staff with less than adequate information to provide the safest environment. The commitment fee will allow for a more solid commitment so that we can plan and communicate more efficiently.
  • We introduced a commitment fee for secondary after school time so that we:
    • Have a list of names and grades of students who need a safe place to wait to be picked up for the day or while they wait for their extracurricular activity to start.
    • Know the maximum number of students to expect.
    • Hire an appropriate number of staff.
    • Help parents and students consider their after school needs in advance. 
    • Have less students wandering the halls without supervision during after school time.
    • Have some income to help cover the costs for after school staff.


Why is MySchoolBucks used for registration?

  • Meridian School is actively working to transition all student/parent points of sale under MySchoolBucks. Doing so will allow the school the ability to more effectively monitor the financial standing of each student. Additionally, using one system allows parents an easier and more familiar purchasing and enrichment registration experience.

Are students allowed to use cell phones?

  • Yes. Middle and high school students may use their cell phone in After School 6th-12th for educational or recreational purposes as long as they do not take photos or video, cyberbully, view inappropriate material (violence, weapons, drugs, alcohol, profanity, obscenity), or otherwise use the phone in an inappropriate manner.

Will students have access to computers?

  • Yes. Students will have access to borrow a Meridian Chromebook for homework use only. Students may use their personal device in After School 6th-12th for educational or recreational purposes as long as they do not take photos or video, cyberbully, view inappropriate material (violence, weapons, drugs, alcohol, profanity, obscenity), or otherwise use the computer in an inappropriate manner.

What is the pick up process?

Updated as of September 2020 - Pick Up Process/PikMyKid App

  • Pick up for After School 6th-12th will begin at 4:30 on M, T, Th and F. On Wednesdays, pick up begins at 2:00. If you need to pick up your student before 4:30 or 2:00, you will have to go through the carline to pick up. Please be sure to change your pick up destination on the PikMyKid app before school gets out so that your child is in the correct place to be released to you. Once again, please clearly communicate with your child each day what the after school pick up arrangements are for your family. 

  • When you arrive on campus to pick up your student, please go to your PikMyKid app and announce that you are here to pick up your child. Please remain in your car. We will have your child gather their belongings, clean their area, check in their computer if they borrowed one and release them to you once we have been notified that you are here. Please understand that the release process may take a few minutes depending on if your child is in an overflow area and we have to call to have them sent back to us in the cafeteria.

  • If someone other than yourself is picking up your child and they are unable to use the PikMyKid app when they arrive, they must have your Meridian car tag with them to present to us through the glass window. We can then match that number with your child and release them to the pick up person. If that person is picking up more than one child, they need to have the car tag for each child they are picking up. If for some reason the PikMyKid app did not work properly, please come to the patio door with your Meridian car tag/s to show through the glass windows. If anyone absolutely has to come to the patio for pick up, you must have a mask on and you must stay 6ft away from any other person that may be on the patio as well.

Can students sign themselves out to participate in extracurricular activities?

  • For activities that begin immediately at school dismissal, students should walk directly to the location of the activity. For activities that do not start immediately at school dismissal, the facilitator/coach will either pick up the students from After School 6th-12th or arrange a plan with the After School 6th-12th monitor to ensure the students transition to their activity.
  • If there is a special situation for which you would like your child to be released to attend on a particular date (such as being a spectator in a Meridian athletic game), please email Lisa Powers IN ADVANCE ( to inform her.

Are students allowed to hang out on campus rather than participate in After School 6th-12th?

  • No. Students will be escorted to After School 6th - 12th if they are not picked up by 4:30PM. If the cafe is at capacity, the students will be taken to one of the overflow areas to wait for their parents to come and pick up. If your student carpools with other families, it is very important to be sure that your carpool families are also registered for After School 6th - 12th or find carpool families that are registered.


Student/Parent Handbook Information

  • Secondary Student Dismissal: Secondary students are dismissed at 4:05 on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday and at 1:30 on Wednesdays. Students are not to remain on school grounds after dismissal without adult supervision. A supervised after-school program, ‘After-School 6th-12th”, has been created for secondary students who are not in an approved after-school activity OR are not able to leave campus with an approved ride by 4:30 (2:00 on Wednesdays). In order to pay for the supervisory personnel required, a small, one-time annual fee is charged. This service and associated fee is required regardless of the length of time used each day or the number of days, with the exception of two (2) free ‘passes’ for extraordinary situations.
After-School 6th-12th ends at 5:45. Students must be picked up by 5:45 pm, or parents will be charged $5 for the first 1-5 minutes late, $10 for 6-10 minutes, $15 for 11-15 minutes, etc. Repeated late pick-ups may result in loss of After School 6th-12th privileges.


For more information regarding After School 6th-12th, please contact:

Monique Swain

Director of Student Enrichment Services