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After School 6-12

After School 6-12 for 2023-2024 school year

After School 6-12 is a safe place for middle school and high school students who cannot be picked up at dismissal or those who need a place to be before or after their extracurricular activity. Students have the opportunity to do homework, quiet activities, hang out, and socialize from secondary dismissal at 4:10 p.m. (MTTF) and 1:35 p.m. (W) until 5:45 p.m.


For safety purposes, students are not permitted to remain on campus unsupervised after carline. Whether they are waiting for a ride or for their extracurricular activity to start, they must wait in After School 6-12.


Any secondary student found on campus unsupervised after dismissal will be escorted to After School 6-12. For questions not answered in the FAQs below please email Lisa Powers.

Registration and payment is required, even for occasional users.


How much is After School 6-12?

The annual commitment fee for After School 6-12 is:

Semester: $100 per secondary student

Annually: $200 per secondary student

Be sure to submit payment for each secondary student who needs to participate in the After School 6-12. Commitment fees are nonrefundable.

Every student receives one free pass each semester before registration is required and fees are charged.

Families that have used After School 6-12 in the past may notice that we have increased our commitment fee for 2023-2024. This has been done to meet the increase in overall costs to operate. We are, however, offering the option of paying per semester which is new for 2023-2024.


How to register

2023-2024 Registration opens May 1

Please register as soon as possible if you anticipate that your student will need access to After School 6-12 during the 2023-2024 school year. This assures your student will have a spot and aides in our planning for After School.


Step 1: Thoroughly review this webpage in its entirety, especially the "*Stop* read before you pay" section.


Step 2: Please register for the whole school year or for first semester August 4, 2023


Step 3: Pay the 2023-2024 After School 6-12 Commitment Fee for each student via MySchoolBucks.


We will use the email addresses provided in MySchoolBucks to contact you regarding After School 6-12.


*Stop* Read before you pay

For students currently enrolled in Meridian School: Please login to your MySchoolBucks account to purchase.

For students new to Meridian School:

  • Check out as a guest.

  • Please document your Payment Confirmation Code or print your Payment Confirmation page as you will not receive an emailed receipt.

Multiple students registration and payment:

  • Add each student's enrollment fee to your cart individually by clicking "Purchase". Do not click “Pay” until all students have been added. 

  • If you try to pay for each student individually in a 24 period you will get an error message. If so, you will have to wait 24 hours before registering and paying for additional students.

After School 6th-12th late pick ups and fees

  • Students who are picked up after 5:45 p.m. from After School 6-12 will be charged $5 per 5 minutes, per student.

    0001 – 5 minutes = $5
    06 – 10 minutes = $10
    11 – 15 minutes = $15
    16 – 20 minutes = $20
    21 – 25 minutes = $25
    26 – 30 minutes = $30
    31 – 35 minutes = $35
    36 – 40 minutes = $40

  • Repeated late pick ups will result in withdrawal from After School 6-12.

  • Fees must be paid via MySchoolBucks within 10 calendar days. Failure to pay the late pick up fee within 10 days will result in withdrawal from After School 6-12 and deem your student financially ineligible for all Meridian related extracurricular activities, events, Athletics and more.

After School 6-12 FAQs


  • Any 6th through 12th grade students who cannot or are not picked up during regular secondary dismissal, even if it’s only on occasion.

  • Students who need a place to wait until their extracurricular activity starts or after their activity ends while they wait to be picked up.

  • After School 6-12 does not check students in after 5:30 p.m. If they have an activity that ends close to that time they should be picked up directly from their activity.

  • At dismissal 6th through 12th grade students enrolled in After School 6-12 go directly to the Mays Café to check in.

  • Students with an after school activity that starts immediately after school report to their activity and then come to After School once their activity is done.

Students are not to be left unsupervised on campus. If they are not being picked up in carline they may not hang out with their friends in carline until their activity starts. They also may not leave campus on their own or roam the school grounds. They may:

  • Wait in After School 6-12 until the coach, teacher, or club sponsor signs them out for that scheduled activity. Sports coaches will not be on campus more than 10 minutes prior to practice or 30 minutes prior to a game.

  • Be picked up in carline and brought back to school at the start time of the activity

  • Wait in After School 6-12 and be picked up at 4:35 p.m. (MTTF) and 2:05 p.m. (W) and then brought back to the school at the start time of the activity.

  • Secondary carline: Students not picked up by the time car line ends will be escorted to After School 6-12 and given a one-time pass to attend without registering.

  • Extracurricular activities: Students not picked up within 15 minutes after their extracurricular activity ends will be escorted to After School 6-12.

  • Every student receives one free pass each semester before registration is required and fees are charged.

Yes. Middle and high school students may use their cell phone or personal device in After School 6-12 for educational or recreational purposes as long as they do not take photos or video, cyberbully, view inappropriate material (violence, weapons, drugs, alcohol, profanity, obscenity), or otherwise use the phone in an inappropriate manner.
No. Students will need to have access to a personal device during After School 6-12. Students will not be able to borrow a computer from the library or computer cart after regular school hours.
  • Clearly communicate with your child each day what the after school pick up arrangements are for your family. 

  • If you need to pick up your student before 4:35 p.m. (MTTF) or 2:05 p.m.(W), you will have to go through the carline to pick them up. 

  • Students will exit through the Mays Café patio entrance. You may park in the student lot to wait.

  • Pikmykid: we use Pikmykid for After School 6-12 dismissal. When you arrive on campus use the Pikmykid app to announce that you are here. Remain in your car, the release process may take a few minutes. If your app doesn't work a Meridian car tag must be presented to us through the glass window of the Mays Café patio doors.

  • If you need to delegate for After School 6-12 pickup, the app will not support delegations for After School. Delegates will have to come to Mays Café patio doors and present a Meridian car tag.

  • What if my delegate doesn't have a car tag? Please email Lisa Powers by 3 p.m. that day with the delegate's name. Your delegate will need to come to the Mays Café patio doors and show us an ID that matches.

No. Students may not sign themselves out. If there is a special situation for which you would like your child to be released to attend on a particular date (such as being a spectator in a Meridian athletic game), please email Lisa Powers in advance to inform her.