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Welcome to First Grade

Welcome to First Grade at Meridian!

"What will my child learn while in first grade?" I'm so glad you asked! In first grade we will be taking your child on a journey that starts with themselves.  They will explore who they are and citizens that shaped communities all over the world.  They will learn what is means to be a good citizen and what it looks like. Their next journey will be to understand where they are in place and time.  They will learn how to use and create their own map.  They begin to see the world as bigger than their own backyard by exploring various representations on maps and in the world.  Their journey continues by learning how they and others express themselves. They will learn to respect and appreciate their own culture as well as other cultures in the world by exploring various harvest festivals. Next, your first grader will explore how we organize ourselves.  They will do this through various cooperative learning experiences such as reader's theater. After this, they will begin to understand how the world works as they care for baby chicks, research an animal of their choice and begin to better understand concepts such as: life cycles and food chains. Finally, they will be ready to understand how they, while only in first grade, are able to share our planet and learn to protect it.

Please browse through our first grade links to find other valuable information such as: Our current planner, as well as how we teach reading, writing, and math.  For your convenience, we will update our website frequently with newsletters and homework.  Below, we have attached our meet the teacher information packet.  Please refer to it often as it has many specifics about first grade and can answer most of your questions!  

Tell Me What You Did Today?

When children come home at the end of the day,

The question they're asked as they scurry to play

is, "Tell me what you did today?"

And the answer they give makes you sigh with dismay.

"Nothing, I did nothing today!"

Perhaps nothing means that I explored with a clock,

Or counted to 100, or sorted some rocks.

Maybe I painted a picture of red and blue

Or heard a story of a mouse that flew.

Maybe I observed the chicks eat today,

Or went outside on the monkey-bars to play.

Maybe today was the very first time

That my scissors followed a very straight line

Maybe I lead a song from beginning to end,

Or played with a special brand new friend.

When you're in first grade

And your heart has wings,

"Nothing" can mean so many things!!