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Welcome to the Spring Semester in the Primary Art Room!
Our 4th and 5th grade artists have completed their discovery of the properties of watercolor and blending techniques. We studied the color wheel and transposed the circle into a linear fashion making a color spectrum similar to a number line.  We constructed blended color lines seeping into the next color in the rainbow. Reminders of Primary and Secondary Color mixing techniques were reviewed while introducing more color harmonies with special attention this month to the tertiary colors of the color wheel.
Next, we applied our new knowledge of watercolor medium and painted different groups of American Birds. John James Audubon and the Audubon society furthered our studies of how art can make action happen in providing knowledge to the public about saving our birds and their habitats. His remarkable work provides action in conservation that continues today.
Kindergarten, First and Second have enjoyed the art of paper sculpture. The artists have twisted, curled, torn and cut various types of paper to fashion unique variations on paper forms.We are now exploring depth and space in regards to 3-dimensional artwork.  Alexander Calder and Edgar Degas are some of our famous examples we have considered. Soon, the primary art students will be exploring depth and space in clay-- coming up in February and March!
Wednesday's mini courses are enjoying the exciting and historical art of printmaking! Please join all of the mini-courses and see how we connect to Meridian's IB Programme of Inquiry as we exhibit February 22nd from 6pm-7:30 in the Primary Gym area. 
 Artfully Yours, 

 Brenda Costin

 Primary Art - Meridian IB World School