ViP Grants

With ViP now established and well into its sixth year, our events are often raising funds rather than breaking even as they did in the past. 
So where does all that money go? 
Working with the school's leadership, we've created a process for teachers to request funds for special projects. We're calling them ViP Grant Proposals and every teacher at Meridian has the opportunity to submit one or two...or five!
How will it work?
The school's leadership will first determine which proposals fit within the mission of the school before passing them along to the Selection Committee (ViP Leaders, Volunteer Coordinator, and COO). 
If necessary, the Selection Committee will then narrow down the choices before 
passing along to the Voting Committee (ViP Leadership Team and Event Chairpersons - when applicable). 
After reviewing a list of several considerations, the Voting Committee will vote to determine which grants will be awarded based on available funds.
 Teachers will then be notified at the next staff luncheon and parents via the monthly ViP Newsletter.
Grants Awarded January 2017

With the proceeds from various events in the fall semester, Volunteers in Partnership (ViP)
 was able to fund over $5,000 worth of teacher grantrequests.  
Check out what we were able to purchase for our school:
3D Printer for Design Classes - $549
Countertop Dishwasher for Special Education - $260
Document Camera for Primary Art - $400

Furnishings for Workroom in Mays Building - $1000

Black Box Theatre
Lighting - $1002

Author Visit for all 3rd Grade Classes - $600

Document Camera 
for 2nd Grade Class - $69

Tumbling Mats for
Primary P.E. - $750

Document Camera for all 5th Grade Classes - $495
(see details HERE)
General Funds August 2016 & Science Saturday 2016