Advisory Council

The Meridian World School Advisory Council is intended to be a collection of individuals who bring unique knowledge and skills to Meridian. The Advisory Council will include parents, teachers, and staff, with the intent of pooling these talents into a larger body for more effective action when required.


Specific outcomes of the Advisory Council may be

  • Participation on various Parent/Staff Task Forces,
  • Working to revise or create new policy / best practices for administration review,
  • Consideration of future replication opportunities for MWS,
  • Provide information to the Board of Directors for use in their deliberations,
  • Extend the Meridian network of formal and visible relationships with members of the Williamson County community and other communities relevant to Meridian School,
  • Provide a foundation for future parent leadership at Meridian at the volunteer or school board level.

The Advisory Council is a non-voting body with no formal authority. Our former board president, Joe Burke, has agreed to be the initial chairperson of the council. A vice-chair will be selected and a staff liaison will be appointed.


More details to come!