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Welcome and Vision Statement

Our vision is to guide students towards developing a positive self-concept as lifelong learners and communicators. Through lessons, activities, and discussion, each student will grow in their ability to problem-solve, to value diversity & to view their inner and outer world through the lens of compassion and creativity.

Our intention is for our IB students to stop, breathe, and enjoy success, but also to “fail effectively” by embracing mistakes as a means of growth.

Our guidance program is designed to encompass the four components recommended by the Texas Education Agency for a comprehensive counseling and guidance program that includes guidance curriculum, individual planning, responsive services, and systems support.

Counseling and the IB Connection

The Learner Profile and the accompanying Approaches to Learning is an integral part of the IB guidance counseling program and serves as a foundation for our lessons. As primary school counselors, our role is to model the learner profile attributes with fidelity during classroom lessons, group sessions, and professionally with teachers, parents, and administration while encouraging and promoting the ATL skills which further self-efficacy and independent thought. Our goal is to cover all of these concepts throughout the entire year. The IB profile is centered around personal attributes that support successful relationships with self and others while the ATL skills help develop a strong learner and community contributor. We have included samples of our 2019/2020 Guidance Counseling Trackers to demonstrate our learning goals and intentions. 

Please explore our counseling menu to learn more about our program and to find answers and resources for you and your child.


Warmest Regards,

Stacy Louth (K-2) and Nancy Spence (3-5)