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Meal Purchasing

School Meal Payments
Meridian School utilizes a program through Heartland Solutions called My School Bucks to receive lunch payments from students and staff. Every student and staff member on campus has an account initiated with My School Bucks as a way to keep record of all lunches or A la Carte items purchased each day. This also helps the Meridian Café keep track of any meals sold to students or staff members who have forgotten their lunch for that day.
Loading your account is simple and easy! Follow these instructions:
> Select Texas
> Select Meridian World School as your District (please note, we are not affiliated with RRISD or Meridian ISD located in Dallas, Texas!)
> Enter Account Information
> Add Student by entering First and Last Name along with Birth-date OR assigned PIN
> Follow the prompts to add in funding either by eCheck, Debit or Credit Card
Need Help? You're always welcome to email our Chef and Food Services Director: Leslie Sterzinger or via Phone: 512-660-5256
Need More Help? Contact My School Bucks Parent Line: 1-855-832-5226
or via Email:
Cash or Check Payments:
You're welcome to drop off cash or check payments to any of our school offices. Please leave your funds in a Labeled Envelope with your student's Name and School Meals. Our Food Services Director will manually update their account and process the funding through the Business Office.
Helpful Hints 
-You can NOT put money into MySchoolBucks Cafe and have it moved to MySchoolBucks Store.
-If you are expecting an Invoice but do not see it, please look in the school store under School Invoices. The invoice should auto populate when you first log on. If you need help contact the Business Office.
Payment Mistake
-If you have made a payment in error call the MySchoolBucks Parent helpline immediately for a full refund.
-Any refunds requested after the date of the payment can be given minus the processing fees from Meridian.
-Refunds will be given by check and can take up to 10 business days after the Business Office has all the necessary paperwork.
Extra Help 
Business office -
Purchasing Food in the Primary Meridian Café
Our primary students (K-5th graders) are still learning about different foods and how to create a balanced lunch. In the Primary Meridian Café, our students will receive what is called a Straight Serve Plate. This means that students will be able to select their Protein/Meat or Meat Alternate and their choice of 1% or skim milk, and all the other options that day will go on their tray. This serving method helps to ensure that every student receives the 5 components of a lunch: Grain, Meat/Meat Alternate, Vegetable, Fruit, and Milk. Straight Serve also creates an opportunity for our students to become a Risk Taker by trying new items! Please note that there will be a Share Bin for unwanted whole fruits and milk. Any student, whether they have purchased a school lunch or have brought a lunch from home, can take and consume foods left in the share bin.
* Please note, Breakfast is served by Offer vs Serve and Lunch is served by Straight Serve
Purchasing Food in the Secondary Meridian Café
Our secondary students (6-12 graders) have many choices when it comes to lunch. We offer several different cold, pre-packed, Grab-n-Go options that qualify as a complete meal. We also typically offer two different protein choices in the cafeteria lines each day. The cafeteria line meals are served to students by Offer vs Serve. This means they will choose what components go on their plate. See more information on our National School Lunch Program page.
* Please note, Breakfast and Lunch is served by Offer vs Serve
A La Carte Items
Students or staff members wishing to purchase A La Carte items such as Yogurt Parfait, Juice, or extra Entrees MUST have positive funding on their accounts. These items are not considered complete meals and will accounts will be charged for each individual item selected.
Meridian World School is an Equal Opportunity Provider