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School Breakfast Program

Meridian World School is proud to offer Breakfast each morning to all of our Students and Staff.
What Time?
K-5: 7:30 am – 7:55 am
6-8: 7:30 am – 8:10 am
9-12: 7:30 am – 8:10 am
K-5 and 9-12: Primary Cafeteria
6-8: Middle School Cafeteria
Following the School Breakfast Program guidelines, the Meridian Cafe Crew offers the following items as part of a complete breakfast:
Whole Grain foods such as bread or cereal
Fresh Fruit
Fluid Milk
We love to add protein as part of a healthy breakfast and you may see items like scrambled eggs, boiled eggs, low fat mozzarella cheese sticks, etc. offered throughout the week.
Students who select 1 Grain, at least 1 Fruit and 1 Milk offering will not be charged as they have chosen a complete or reimbursable meal. 
Any student or staff member who selects only one item or items that do not meet a complete meal will be charged a la carte, or individually for the items selected.
If you ever have questions regarding the School Breakfast Program or the National School Lunch Program, please contact our Chef and Food Services Director: Leslie Sterzinger at
or via phone: 512-660-5256
Meridian World School is an Equal Opportunity Provider