School Breakfast Program

**New Applications for the NSLP/SBP Free or Reduced Meals will be available on Monday, July 1, 2019**
Meridian World School is proud to offer Breakfast each morning to all of our Students and Staff. Following the School Breakfast Program guidelines, the Meridian Cafe Crew will offer the following items as part of a complete breakfast:
Whole Grain foods such as bread or cereal
Fresh Fruit
Fluid Milk
We love to add protein as part of a healthy breakfast and you may see items like scrambled eggs, boiled eggs, low fat mozzarella cheese sticks, etc. offered throughout the week.
Students who select 1 Grain, at least 1 Fruit and 1 Milk offering will be charged for a complete meal of $2.75. Those students that qualify for reduced pricing will be charged $0.30, and those who qualify for free will be charged $0.00.
Any student or staff member who selects only one item or items that do not meet a complete meal will be charged a la carte, or individually for the items selected.
If you ever have questions regarding the School Breakfast Program or the National School Lunch Program, please contact our Chef and Food Services Director: Leslie Sterzinger at
or via phone: 512-660-5256
Meridian World School is an Equal Opportunity Provider