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About Model UN (MUN)


Students Eligible

Meeting Day

Meeting Time

Meeting Location

6th-12th grade


(except leading into 3-day weekends)

4:30-5:30 pm

Virtual during Fall Semester


Model United Nations is Meridian's most popular club ─ and for good reasons! It gives students the opportunity to practice research, speech-writing, debate, presentation and diplomacy skills while learning about today's global issues. With conferences throughout the state, students have the opportunity to travel and network with students with similar interests. Plus, Model United Nations is always impressive on a college resume!


Participation Requirements

  • Interested students must become members each school year. Please see Membership Requirements below.
  • Students should attend most meetings.
  • Students are required to attend at least one conference per school year. See Conferences.
  • Time outside of meetings and conferences is required for students to prepare for conferences. 
  • Model United Nations falls under "No Pass. No Play." Students must maintain eligibility to participate. See Eligibility.


Annual Membership Requirements (for new AND returning members)

*******Annual Membership Registration will be open 9/2/21 - 10PM on 9/10/21.******

No late registrations will be accepted for students enrolled in Meridian during the registration window.

  1. Make sure your student is in good financial standing with the school. Please log in to your MySchoolBucks account and pay all past due invoices by September 10, 2021.
  2. Read through this Model United Nations web section carefully.
  3. Each student and their parent/guardian must attend the Mandatory Meeting on [TBD} via webinar. 
    • Students and/or parents/guardians who have an unavoidable schedule conflict and cannot attend the Mandatory Meeting via Zoom must watch this recording [coming after live webinar] prior to registering for the 2021-2022 Model UN year.
  4. Parent/guardian and student read "Terms for Participation." 
  5. Complete the annual registration form and pay the annual $50 nonrefundable membership fee via MySchoolBucks by 10pm on Friday, 9/10. 
  6. No late registration for Model UN Membership for students who are enrolled at Meridian during the registration window.

Conference Participation Fees

Conference participation fees will be invoiced by MySchoolBucks. If you have not already done so, please set up your MySchoolBucks account. Invoices for your 2021-2022 Model UN Membership Fee and Conference Participation Fees will appear in your MySchoolBucks account.


For each conference, a total estimated amount will be provided (see Conferences). For those conferences that require travel expenses, there will be a Conference Participation Fee Deposit and a Conference Participation Fee Balance. The Conference Participation Fee Balance will include travel expenses as well as the MySchoolBucks transaction fee for the total participation fee for that conference. (The MySchoolBucks transaction fee is 3.95%.)


Financial Assistance

Meridian wants all interested and eligible students to be able to participate in MUN conferences whenever possible. Some conferences offer financial aid, and in some situations, Meridian is able to offer financial assistance to those who qualify. To inquire about financial assistance for Model UN conference participation fees, please email, Please include in your subject line: "MUN [insert conference name] financial assistance." 


Conference Uniform/Dress Code

The Model UN Uniform

  • Model UN members should wear Professional Attire as their uniform to conferences. Professional Attire is that which a student would wear to a job interview in a business office position.
    • Tops: A pressed, button-down short-sleeved or long-sleeved shirt or blouse. No sleeveless shirts/blouses permitted.
    • Bottoms: Dress slacks or skirt in a solid color.
      • No shorts, capris or blue jeans (denim).
      • Skirts must be no shorter than two-to-three inches above the knee. Mini-skirts and short dresses are not considered to be “professional attire” as defined in these guidelines.  
    • Accessories:
      • Closed-toe dress shoes that can be walked in comfortably are required.
        • No sandals, no tennis shoes, no boots. 
        • Dressy “pump” style shoes that are open-toed are permitted. 
        • Excessively high heels (more than 2.5") are not permitted.  
      • A tie/bowtie, necklace, or fashion scarf
      • Dress shoes (no tennis shoes or boots).
    • Optional: A full suit or dress appropriate for a professional interview. Solid color preferred.
      • If slacks, suit or dress is not a solid color, the design should be subtle (e.g. pinstripes).
      • No party dresses or casual summer/informal dresses. Long or short sleeves are required for dresses, or a blazer may be worn over a sleeveless dress as long as it is not removed at any time. Dresses must be no shorter than two-to-three inches above the knee. Mini-skirts and short dresses are not considered to be “professional attire” as defined in these guidelines.
Professional Attire at School
  • Model UN members who are participating in a conference may wear professional attire AND their delegation flag pins to school the day of the conference (or the day before the conference if they will be missing school the day of the conference). See the definition of Profession Attire above.


Frequently Asked Questions

What forms of communication are used to keep members and parents informed about Model UN happenings?

  • Students should watch Secondary Announcements slides, especially on Fridays. Additionally, students should receive an email from the Model UN Secretary each Friday.
  • Parents/guardians can also access the Secondary Announcement slides here. Additionally, letters, Commitment Forms (for virtual conferences) and Permission Forms (for in-person conferences) are sent home to parents/guardians.
  • Both students and parents/guardians have access to this website, which is kept up to date. Please submit comments, suggestions and questions about the website to
  • Links to Model UN Social Media can be found under the navigation on the right side of this webpage. For the safety and security of our community, please remember not to tag students or use students' last names when a photo or video of that student is included. Please note that the Code of Conduct is strictly adhered to when it comes to social media and technology. Model United Nations members know that whatever is recorded is permanent and could go viral so should always represent themselves, their organization and their school with pride and integrity.


Can Model United Nation Members letter (earn a letter jacket and Model UN patch)?

  • Yes, high school Model UN members can letter in the spring each year they are a member. 2020-2021 Lettering Requirements can be found here.


What if my student has dietary restrictions?

  • Students in 6th-12th grades are expected to know their own dietary restrictions, check labels and advocate for themselves. However, if a student needs special meals while traveling for a conference, parents/guardians should pack those meals for day-trip conferences or contact that hosting facility for longer conferences to arrange special meals. Model United Nations sponsors and chaperones are not responsible for coordinating special meals or the delivery of special meals.
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