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2018-2019 Clubs

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2018-2019 Clubs & Organizations

last updated 02/12/19

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Meeting Information

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Art Club

Gives students a place and time to meet and make art together; to create goals to improve art production skills; to share information regarding art competitions; and to organize gallery and museum trips, etc.

Ms. Vain


6th-12th grades

Bring your own supplies.

Limited to 25 students.


Academic eligibility applies to VASE.

Meets every other week.

Thursdays / 4:10-5:40pm


Black Student Alliance

Open to all races and cultures.


The Black Student Alliance provides an environment in which black students can connect with each other.

Patrick Sanders


9th-12th grades

Meets every other week on Mondays / 4:10-5:10pm starting February 11, 2019


Meets in HS 2.12

Card Game Club

Provides the opportunity to play a variety of card games with students who have similar interests. We will share card games, techniques, and ideas with one another other.

Ms. Cameron


9th-12th grades

Meets weekly.

Tuesdays / 4:00-5:00pm




See Coding webpage

Ms. Rodriguez (monitor)



Jey Iyempandi (Coding contact)


6th-10th grades


Limited to 24 students

Registration required here.

Meets weekly.

Fridays / 4:15-5:15pm


M1.24 (Ms. Ray's room)

Coloring Club

To help alleviate some stress, students can come every Thursday or Friday during A DAY Advisory to color and listen to spa music.

Mrs. MacFarland


9th-12th grades

Meets weekly.

Thursday or Friday (A-Day Advisory)

H 2.07

Starts 10/19/18

Dance Team/Club

Offers a variety of dance opportunities. This year, the club is growing into performance team that required an audition, but there will also be "open club."

Ms. Garbus & Ms. Rowe


6th-12th grades

Dance Team requires auditions. Dance Club is open to all.


Dance Team participants must be academically and financially eligible to compete/perform

Meets weekly.

Tuesdays / 4:00-5:00pm

Auxiliary Gym  and M1.22

9/25 - Dance Team Auditions

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)

Focuses on serving local communities by engaging, equipping and empowering coaches and athletes to unite, inspire and change the world through the gospel. We have weekly huddles that the leadership team will lead. Format: Greet, donuts, game or ice breaker, devotion, prayer.

Coach Simmons


6th-12th grades

Students do not have to be student athletes to attend.

(Meridian Athletics available to 7th-12th grade students)

Meets weekly.

Tuesdays / 7:50-8:20am

Auxiliary Gym


Film Club

Students reflect on the history of motion pictures and use their time to create, edit, and deliver short films themselves!

Mr. Miske


10th-12th grades

Meets weekly.

Thursdays / 4:00-5:00pm


Gaming Club

Gives students an opportunity to meet and enjoy playing board and card games.

Ms. Elliott


6th-8th grades

Meets weekly.

9/7-12/6 & 1/24-5/10

Thursdays / 4:00-5:00pm


Health Professions Club

For individuals interested in or curious about a career in the medical field. Joining this club gives students the opportunity to learn more about the human body, perform hands on activities, listen to guest speakers, and more!

Ms. Leandro


9th-12th grades

Student must want to become a health professional

Meets weekly.

Tuesdays / 4:05-5:05pm

H2.18 - DP Biology lab

Karaoke Club

Allows students to sign-up for their favorite songs to sing. The atmosphere is fun and casual. While one person has the microphone, there are always a few people who enjoy singing as back-up singers.

Mrs. MacFarland


9th-12th grades

Meets every other week through 5/6/19

Mondays / 4:05-5:05pm

H 2.07

Math Club

A group of like-minded individuals who get together to practice SAT/ACT math. Math competitions outside of school are a possibility.

Mr. Fancher & Ms. Fowler



8th-12th grades

8th grade students must be enrolled in geometry.

9th-12th grade students enrolled in any math.


Must be academically eligible to participate in competitions.

Meets weekly.

Thursdays / 4:10-5:00pm


Model UN

Gives students the opportunity to practice research, speech-writing, debate, presentation and diplomacy skills while learning about today's global issues. With conferences throughout the state, students have the opportunity to travel and network with students with similar interests.

See website.

Ms. Hammett & Ms. Bermudez


6th-12th grades

$35 annual membership fee. Plus must attend meetings regularly and attend at least one conference.


Must be academically and financially eligible to attend conferences.

Meets weekly through 5/10/19

Fridays / 4:00-5:00pm

Design Wing


National Honor Society (NHS)

Recognizes students' high achievements in academics, and this organization also encourages community service.



Ms. Riley


10th-12th grades

Sophomores must have a 4.0 weighted GPA (spring semester). Juniors must maintain a 4.25 weighted GPA. Seniors must have a 4.5 GPA.


New member one-time dues = $10.

Monthly on the second B day of the month and occurs during C lunch.


Photography Club

Learning about what makes a good picture and how to take good photographs. Provides exchange experiences about photography.

Ms. Leandro


9th-12th grades

Owning a good camera is recommended.

Meets weekly.

Thursdays / 4:10-5:10pm

H1.04 (Biology Lab)

Robotics Club

Build, program, and test robots based on Raspberry Pi and/or Arduino

COL. MacWatters


9th-12th grades


Must be academically eligible to participate in competitions.

Meets weekly.

Tuesdays / 4:00-5:00pm

H1.04 (Biology Lab)

Sewing Club

Will learn the basics of sewing.  Students will create pillows for the library space. Students can also choose to create an item of clothing or other item of choice to practice their sewing skills.

Mrs. MacWatters


6th-12th grades

Meets weekly through 5/7/19

Tuesdays / 4:05-5:30pm

Design Wing (Mr. Fancher's room)

Soccer Clubs

(Middle School & High School)

(Not affiliated with Meridian Soccer offered through the Meridian Athletics Department.)

Soccer Club gives students the opportunity to play/try a sport as well as build relationships with students not in their classes or other extra-curricular activities.

Middle School (6th-8th) -
High School (9th-12th) -


Middle School Soccer Club (6th-8th grades)


High School Soccer Club (9th-12th grade)

Each club meets weekly on lawn outside of Mays


Middle School Soccer Club meets from 4:05-5:05pm on Tuesdays.

Cancelled in the case of bad weather.


High School Soccer Club meets from 4:15-5:15pm on Mondays.

STAR - Students Together Assisting Refugees

Service-based organization where students work together on service projects and fundraisers for local organizations that provide support to refugees in Texas. This year, the students would like to extend their outreach to other schools to encourage more STAR clubs being created.

Ms. Rothenberger


6th-12th grades

Every other Tuesday

Lunch or 4:05-5:00

H 1.11

Student Council

Focused on making Meridian School a better place. Student led and driven. Members serve as elected representatives, counted on to make a difference in the school culture. Not only does STUCO focus on school initiatives and culture, but STUCO looks to instill school spirit through pep rallies, themed weeks, and support of local and worldly causes.

Mr. Manuszak


9th-11th grades

Elected positions.

Every other Tuesday


H 1.10


Proud to give students and faculty a chance to collaborate on telling stories on stage and sharing the magic of theatre with our community! We produce two shows a year - a fall play and a spring musical. This year, we will be hosting a competitive play festival featuring other charter schools in our area!

Mr. Peebles & Mrs. Crowl



6th-12th grades

Signed parental consents. Audition is required and a role is not guaranteed. Participation fees may be required. May be required to purchase their own costumes. Must attend all required rehearsals and communicate with the directors on scheduling conflicts.


Must be academically eligible to participate in performances.


Must be financially eligible to participate in spring musical (have paid participation fee.)

2-3 times per week, but more frequently closer to opening night.

Monday; Thursday; Friday

4-5 or 4-6 usually

Black Box Theatre

Writing Club (HS)

Allows students to creatively explore different genres of writing such as poetry, nonfiction, fiction, etc. Students engage in creative writing exercises to challenge themselves through prompts and activities as well as work on some writing that they will take to publication or enter in a writing contest. Fun and casual atmosphere.

Mrs. MacFarland


9th-12th grades

Meets every other week through 5/6/19

Mondays / 4:05-5:05pm

H 2.07

Writing & Reading Club (MS)

Will strive to help students who are passionate about English and Language Arts to express their creativity. Activities include studying authors deeply and mimicking their writing style.

Mr. Castaneda


6th-8th grades

Meets weekly. (Starts 10/4)

Thursdays / 4:05-5:00pm



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How to Request a New Club / Organization
1. Student (6th-12th grade) comes up with idea for club and gauges interest. If there are several other students interested, student proposes club to a potential sponsor.(Club/orgazination sponsors are 6th-12th grade teachers/staff members.)
2. Student and sponsor work together to complete this form for administration approval.
3. Email appropriate principal (Principal-MS@mwschool.org or Principal-HS@mwschool.org) to inform them that you have submitted a club request for their approval.
4. After receiving approval, sponsor submits this form in order for club details to be added to this webpage. Please email secondary-enrichment@mwschool.org once form has been submitted.
5. Sponsor promotes club on Secondary Announcement slides.