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Terms for Participation


In completing the Triple A Registration Form, you are stating that you FULLY understand:

**Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion - The following Terms for Participation are used to guide the Triple A Arts/A la Carte and After School program towards a mutually successful experience. Families are encouraged to connect with the Triple A Manager for any support needed. (Kathryn Patschke,**
Registration and Withdrawal
  • For the 2021-2022 school year, Triple A will not offer the Transition to Activity Care program. 
  • A Triple A Registration Form must be submitted for each student.
  • Registration forms must be submitted two-weeks before the intended start date for Full-time/Extended Day and Early Release Wednesday and at least 24 hours for a la carte programs.
  • The registration/processing fee is paid once per school year.
  • Registration/processing and participation fees are non-refundable. 
  • Space is limited. Enrollment processing is based on availability.
  • Withdrawal from programs require two-weeks notice via the online Triple A Withdrawal Form.
  • Failure to submit the Triple A Withdrawal Form two-weeks prior to the withdrawal date will result in being charged for the full next month participation fee. 
Late Pick-up Fees
  • Late pick-up from Arts/Á la carte/After school programs will result in additional fees to accrue at the rate of $5.00/5 minutes starting with the first minute. 
  • Students who participate in Arts/Á la carte activities will be charged $5.00/5 minutes with a 5 minute grace period from the activity's dismissal time to allow for transition from the classroom. 
Billing by Meridian School
  • Invoices for Full-time/Extended Day and Early Release Wednesday are uploaded into your MySchoolBucks account for the entire semester upon registration (5 months).
  • Families will be automatically invoiced for the second semester unless a Triple A Withdrawal Form is complete.
  • Parents/guardians may have automatic payments drafted out of the debit/credit card or checking account of their choice each month. Parents/guardians are responsible for setting up all automatic payments through MySchoolBucks prior to the FIRST payment due date of the semester. 
  • Parents/guardians may also choose to manually go log in to their MySchoolBucks account before each due date and pay the monthly amount due. If more than one contributor will be paying for the participation fees, Parents/guardians should choose to manually pay each month rather than automatic payments.
  • Late payment fees of $25 per invoice are automatically assigned five-days after the payment due date, regardless of the payment option you choose.
  • If a student’s start date falls within a month, the first invoice will be prorated to reflect the specific start date.
  • Late payment fees will be applied to all overdue invoices, including late pick up invoices if any.
  • All fees paid are non-refundable.
    • Extraordinary Event Refund - Should there be an extraordinary event interfering with the ability to provide the experience as expected, the registration fee could be refunded at the school's discretion. In that case, the refund to the guardian would be the registration fee paid by the guardian minus the 3.95% MySchoolBucks processing fee.
Health and Behavior
  • Meridian reserves the right to withdraw your student for non-payment of any fees, behavioral issues and/or failure to comply with policies/procedures.
  • Students who exhibit inappropriate behavior during after school hours will be guided through the Triple A - After School Enrichment and A La Carte Programs, Discipline Plan. To review the Discipline Plan document visit > After School and Extracurricular Activities > Arts/A La Carte/After School > Triple A Forms and Misc. Documents > Discipline Plan.
  • The primary school nurse and other primary school faculty and staff may not be on campus during Triple A hours. 
  • You must share clear and complete medical/behavioral information with the Triple A Manager directly via email or in person at the same time you inform the nurse and other school day faculty and staff so everyone who has direct interaction with your child is fully informed throughout the school year.
  • Information regarding your child must be shared with any Meridian staff who has direct interaction with your child.
  • The staff are unable to provide one-on-one care except on an intermittent basis, such as injuries, immediate disciplinary issues, and certain personal care needs customarily provided to students. 
  • As of August 23, 2021, all staff and students will wear masks indoors except when eating or drinking. 
  • Students who exhibit symptoms consistent with COVID-19 will be separated from the group and will need to be picked up within 30 minutes to no later than 1 hour from the time the campus has contacted the guardian.
  • Students will be required to wash their hands before eating, after restroom breaks and outdoor play, and periodically throughout the day as the need arises. 
  • In an effort to keep students with allergies safe, please avoid snacks with nuts. If we discover there is an additional severe allergy, we will notify Triple A families to avoid sending those items. 
  • Students should bring a snack from home for Triple A time. Triple A has a designated snack time daily. However, Triple A will not be providing students with a snack. 
Homework/Quiet Time
  • For the last activity of the day, the after school staff will facilitate 20-30 minutes of homework/quiet time M-T-Th-F and 45 minutes on Wednesday with the exception of special event days. Please review additional schedule changes by referring to the Daily Schedule at > After School and Extracurricular Activities > Arts/A La Carte/After School > After School Daily Schedule K-5th
  • To review and submit the Homework Contract visit > After School and Extracurricular Activities > Arts/A La Carte/After School > Triple A Forms and Misc. Documents > Homework Contract
Pick Up and Safety Procedures
  • Parents/guardians will need to use the “PikMyKid” app to retrieve their student.
  • If an individual other than a guardian needs to pick up a student from Triple A, the guardian must email with the delegate’s name and the dates they are eligible to pick up their student.
  • Parents/guardians will need to instruct the delegate to arrive with a valid government ID and, if possible, the student's car tag and wait outside of the Primary entrance doors with a mask on to be assisted.
  • All authorized adults and secondary students will be expected to wait outside with a mask on to pick up their primary student. 
  • Authorized adults and secondary students picking up primary students will not be allowed inside of the primary building lobby during Triple A. 
  • Anyone who enters the building with pre approval must wear a name tag printed by the Triple A or school receptionist and a mask. 
  • Parents/guardians must communicate clear instructions regarding the rules and expectations of the Triple A Enrichment Program to all of their student's authorized pick-ups including instructions associated with the pick up process so that the building is secure and the students are safe at all times.
  • In the case of an absence from school or a transportation change, email the Triple A Receptionist at, the Arts/A la carte Instructor, and Please send the email 2 hours prior to school release. In addition, please update the student's pick up mode in PikMyKid.
  • In the event that any of the work numbers, home numbers, cell numbers, emergency contact numbers, approved pick-ups, or health information that are listed for your student on the Ascender Parent Portal should change, please immediately inform the Triple A Receptionist via email at
  • Do not prop exterior doors. If you see a door propped, please close the door and notify the Triple A Receptionist immediately.
  • To help with carline/dismissal traffic flow, please do not arrive for pick up during secondary dismissal M-T-Th-F 3:45-4:30, W 1:15-2:00. Plan to arrive early and wait in the parking lot if needed.
  • Activate the “PikMyKid” app, park your vehicle, walk up to the primary lobby entrance, stand at a colored cone, and wait for your student to arrive to you.
  • Always be prepared to show your driver’s license upon request.
  • Be patient when picking up throughout the school year and especially when there are multiple parents/guardians picking up at the same time.
Other Acknowledgements
  • In registering for the Triple A program, parents/guardians agree to give consent for any photos, video, and/or audio taken of their student involved in Meridian after school programs to be used formally and informally for the school yearbook, bulletin boards, news media, instructional or staff development, safety and disciplinary reasons, publicity events, the Triple A program social media pages, and the school website.
  • Photos and videos are allowed to be taken by parents/guardians/guests during special events only.
  • School policies apply during after school hours.