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Martial Arts

ATTENTION: In-person Martial Arts classes have been postponed until further notice. Virtual Martial Arts classes are scheduled to begin the first week of February.



2020-2021 School Year



  • 1st-5th new students, and white through green belt
  • All brown stripes and higher regardless of grade, and students 6th-12th


Details for Both Groups

Day: Wednesday

Frequency: One class per week

Dates: January 6, 2020 - May 12, 2020 (The start date is subject to delay and classes are subject to pause if the Williamson County and Cities Health District reports that that county is in a high COVID-19 community spread phase.) 

Cost: $100 registration, $65 monthly

Registration Dates: Pre-registration for current Martial Arts students: November 2, 2020 - November 9, 2020, Registration for new students: November 10, 2020 - December 18, 2020


Session I: 1st-5th new students, and white through green belt

Time: 1:00 pm - 1:45 pm


Session II: All brown stripes and higher regardless of grade, and students 6th-12th

Time: 2:00 pm - 2:45 pm


Class will not be held on the following dates due student holidays:

March 17, 2021


How to Register:

Step #1: Thoroughly review the Triple A Terms for Participation.
Step #2: Email triplea@mwschool.org to be added to the Martial Arts waiting list. 
**IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER** - Martial Arts may be delayed, paused, or not offered if the Williamson County and Cities Health District reports that the county is in a high COVID-19 community spread phase. If the start date is delayed, all fees collected will be applied to the new start date. Registration/processing fees and participation fees are non-refundable. Review the Triple A Terms for Participation for more information.

The Shaolin Do Kung Fu and Tai Chi mission is to foster self-improvement and personal development through focused training in the martial arts. They promote physical fitness and positive social interaction in a courteous and fun atmosphere. The guiding principles of their mission in the program are Self-Defense, Self-Confidence, Self-Discipline, and Health. Each class is geared toward advancement in their 4 guiding principles through fun and energetic training in martial arts techniques and mental training activities. Classes begin with a warm-up, followed by group class review, then training of new techniques including time for individual practice and questions, and finally ending class by bringing students together with another group activity. Parents/guardians are encouraged to actively participate in their child’s martial arts experience. Each student will have access to advancement material via the Shaolin Do Training Manual given to each student during their first class. Additionally, students are required to practice outside of class in order to qualify for rank advancement exams. Homework practice sheets will be given to all students. In an effort to challenge students to reach their maximum potential, they will have monthly achievement challenges. Although these challenges are optional, all students are highly encouraged to participate. Students will receive special recognition for successfully completing these challenges.


Registration fee includes:

  • Uniform
  • Shaolin-Do Training Manual
  • Group training equipment


Monthly fee includes:

  • Class session
  • Exam fees
  • Belts
  • Meet and greet with Grandmaster Sin Kwang The


How to Pay:

  • Monthly participation fees are paid via MySchoolBucks.
  • Monthly Participation fees are due on the 1st of each month.
  • Late payment fees of $25 are automatically applied to any unpaid accounts on the 6th of the month at midnight.   

Late Pick up Fees:

  • Late pick-up from Arts/Á la carte/After school programs will result in additional fees to accrue at the rate of $5.00/5 minutes starting with the first minute.
  • Students who participate in Arts/Á la carte activities will be charged $5.00/5 minutes with a 5 minute grace period from the activity's dismissal time to allow for transition from the classroom.
  • For full-time after school students end-of-day, "late" begins at 6:01.

1-5 minutes = $5.00

6-10 minutes = $10.00

11-15 minutes = $15.00

16-20 minutes = $20.00

21-25 minutes = $25.00

26-30 minutes = $30.00

31-35 minutes = $35.00

36-40 minutes = $40.00 ...


How to Withdraw (or Program Change):

  • To withdraw, please complete the Triple A Withdrawal Form.
  • To change from one activity to another, please first withdraw from the activity your student is leaving. Then notify the Triple A Registrar at triplea@mwschool.org of the new activity you wish to enroll. There is no need to complete another registration form.