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2019-2020 School Year


Grade: 2nd-12th

Day: Wednesday or Friday (see details below)

Frequency: One class per week

Time: depends on grade and level (see details below)

Dates: August 28. 2019 - May 8, 2020

Cost: $25 registration, $225 per semester

Deadline to register: August 14, 2019


How to Register:

Step 1: Fill out the 2019-2020 Orchestra Registration Form.

Step 2: Contact the director, Aurora Zenfell for payment instructions and other information at

Step 3: Submit the 2019-2020 Triple A Online Registration Form

Step 4: Pay the fees

Beginning Level 1 (Grades 2-3):

Violin Class - Friday, 3:30 pm - 4:20 pm

Cello Class - Friday, 4:30 pm - 5:20 pm

Open to 2nd and 3rd grade students who have never played a stringed instrument. Other grades may be invited if enrollment allows. Classes are capped at 15. Students will learn the fundamentals of playing a string instrument including position, musicianship, and technique. Choose from violin or cello. All students will be responsible for providing an appropriate instrument and accessories. (Enrolled students will receive more details in the Orchestra Handbook)


Beginning Level 2 (Grades 3-4):

Director’s Approval Required - Wednesday, 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

This class is designed as a continuation of Beginning Level 1. Students will continue to refine posture, build on technique skills, while transitioning into music reading and becoming more independent musicians.


Intermediate Orchestra:

Director’s Approval Required - Wednesday, 2:15 pm - 3:15 pm

Students will explore progressing levels of technique and musicianship. Students will be expected to have mastered the basics of their instrument, show good practice habits and demonstrate sufficient discipline to positively participate in an hour long rehearsal, even when not being directly addressed.  


Advanced Orchestra:

Director’s Approval Required - Wednesday, 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm

Students will explore advancing levels of technique, musicianship, and repertoire. Students will be expected to have mastered the basics of his/her instrument, music-reading skills, rehearsal etiquette, and show good practice habits.


Classes will not be held on the following dates due to student holidays and testing:

October 9 and 11

November 27 and 29

December 18, 20, 25, and 27

January 1 and 3

March 18 and 20

April 10


How to Pay:

  • $25 registration fee to hold your spot, due at enrollment. This is not part of the participation fee.
  • Participation fee - $225 per semester
      • Option 1: $225 due prior to first class of the semester.
      • Option 2: Monthly payments due at the first class of each month (equaling $225 total).
  • All payments must be cash or check and given directly to Aurora Zenfell.
  • Important note, registration is by semester, not by the month.**


Late Pick up Fees:

  • Late pick-up from Arts/Á la carte/After school programs will result in additional fees to accrue at the rate of $5.00/5 minutes starting with the first minute.
  • Students who participate in Arts/Á la carte activities will be charged $5.00/5 minutes with a 5 minute grace period from the activity's dismissal time to allow for transition from the classroom.
  • For students who participate in the early release Wednesday program, "late" begins at 4:01. For full-time after school students end-of-day, "late" begins at 6:01.


1-5 minutes = $5.00

6-10 minutes = $10.00

11-15 minutes = $15.00

16-20 minutes = $20.00

21-25 minutes = $25.00

26-30 minutes = $30.00

31-35 minutes = $35.00

36-40 minutes = $40.00 ...



How to Withdraw (or Program Change):

  • To withdraw, please complete the Triple A Withdrawal Form.
  • To change from one activity to another, please first withdraw from the activity your student is leaving. Then notify the Triple A Registrar at of the new activity you wish to enroll. There is no need to complete another registration form.