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Daily Schedule


After School Enrichment Program Daily Schedule

Staff, activities, schedules and events are subject to change. For questions and comments, send an email to or

  1. Students check in to after school program: Group leaders greet students and take roll to update roster
  2. Quiet Time/Homework: Students have an opportunity to work on their school homework / read or do a silent table activity M T TH F (15 minutes) W (45 minutes)
  3. Movement: Group leaders play an organized outdoor / indoor game with the students (~20 minutes)
  4. Snack: Students are provided healthy snacks (see rotating snack menu) in addition, students are welcome to bring a healthy snack from home to eat during snack time (~20 minutes)
  5. Transition to Enrichment: Parents may be asked to wait in the foyer before enrichment begins (~10 minutes)
  6. Enrichment Time: Students are provided structured, safe, quality educational and recreational, art and social activities. (45 minutes)
  7. End of day in library: Students read silently or have social time in the library as they wait to be picked up (30 minutes)



Late pick-up from Arts/Á la carte/After school programs will result in additional fees to accrue at the rate of $5.00/5 minutes starting with the first minute. Students who participate in arts/Á la carte activities will be charged $5.00/5 minutes with a 5 minute grace period from the activity's dismissal time to allow for transition from the classroom. For students who participate in the early release Wednesday program, "late" begins at 4:01. At end-of-day, "late" begins at 6:01. 

The Triple A Enrichment Program is operated by Meridian School.