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2020 Volleyball

Meridian has been using the information provided by the Williamson County and Cities Health District (WCCHD) to guide our decisions for Athletics. As of 11/19/20, WCCHD reported that the County is in the Red / Uncontrolled Community Spread phase, which is characterized by very high community transmission. Due to the fact that athletics are an extracurricular activity, Meridian has suspended indoor sports, with the potential for cancellation, until further notice. We are still hopeful that our outdoor Spring Sports will operate as planned, which means that our Fall and Winter Sports seasons will need to conclude by the scheduled end date. 

The 2020 Volleyball season has moved outdoors to The PAC sand courts on Saturday, 12/5 and Saturday, 12/12. Each team can find their schedule on their level webpage and in the email sent by Meridian Athletics on 11/24/2020.

Plans for Meridian Athletics might change
prior to the start of the sport's season or during the season
if we receive recommendations from the local Health District
or the State to further limit athletic activities.


As of 10/8/2020 (Subject to change)

Volleyball (Girls’ Teams & Boys’ Team)


It is the intent for Volleyball to begin October 19th if in Phase II/Yellow. After much consideration of the following information, we have determined that volleyball will be offered as an intramural activity for the fall.

  • The majority of the league (TCSAAL) competitors are not offering fall sports of any kind, including volleyball.
  • The league is unable to offer a coherent plan for the season.
  • To allow participation with reasonable fees.
  • To minimize disruptions and changes due to postponed or cancelled competitions.


In keeping with our Return to Campus Protocols, there will be no large gatherings this semester, including spectators at practices or intramural games. We will however, welcome six parent volunteers to sign up in advance. (Parent volunteers will need to sign up in advance for each intramural game to occur.) Parents/guardians are invited to indicate their interest and ability to volunteer in specific capacities on the registration form in order to be considered in the pool of volunteers. We intend to rotate through this list of volunteers, giving as many interested parents/guardians the opportunity to support their child’s team and watch an intramural competition first-hand while volunteering. One of the positions will be to stream the intramural competition and broadcast it, likely through Meridian’s Volleyball Facebook group, a private Facebook group. Families can watch their student athlete play intramural games through the streamed media.


COVID-19 Safety & Sanitizing Protocols

See webpage.



  • Starts: Week of October 19th
  • Ends: Week of December 7th
  • Overlaps with the Club Volleyball season


Intramural Teams:

  • The teams offered and the final number on each team will depend on registration and tryouts, if tryouts are required. It is the intent to offer the following teams. No more than five teams will be formed.
    • Girls’ High School team - 9th-12th grade
    • Girls’ Middle School team - 7th and 8th grade
    • Boys’ team - 8th-12th grade
  • As each intramural team will divide into two groups to play each other in games, each team will have 14-16 players. Depending on registration and tryouts, Meridian teams could play each other.
  • Tryouts:
    • No tryouts were needed for HS Girls and HS Boys as only one team was formed for each. Those who registered for that team were placed on that team.
    • For MS Girls - Because MS Girls had more registrants than what works well for one intramural team at that age level, two teams were formed. In the place of in-person tryouts, the coaches and Athletics Department collaborated to form two teams balanced in skill level to provide for the most competitive intramural game experiences. The teams were formed using the coaches' understanding of the girls' skills and experience from their "Volleyball Experiences," which were included in each participant's Volleyball Registration form. Like other seasons with in-person tryouts, a great deal of consideration was put into the forming of teams. Like all other Volleyball seasons, student athletes cannot switch teams based on their own personal availability, their preference to work with a certain coach, or their desire to play with a particular teammate.


Anticipated Intramural Competitions: 

  • Number of anticipated intramural games:
    • Girls’ High School = 4 intramural games
    • Girls’ Middle School = 3 intramural games
    • Boys’ team = 4 intramural games
  • Intramural game schedule = See your team level webpage:


Practice Information:

  • Number of practices = Approximately 14, 1-hour practices. 2 1-hour practices per week.
  • First practice =  Week of 10/19 if in Phase II/Yellow.
  • Practice days and times = 
    • High School Girls - Before school, 6:45-7:45 am, Mondays and Wednesdays
    • Middle School Girls - After school / early evening. See Girls MS Volleyball.
    • Boys - Before school, 6:45-7:45 am, Tuesdays and Thursdays
  • Practice location = Meridian Campus



  • Registration fee = $35 for Volleyball, due 9/30.
  • Participation fee = 
    • $100 for Middle School Girls
    • $125 for High School Girls and Boys
  • Participation fee due dates = Due on 10/08 by MySchoolBucks
  • No refunds will be issued. No refunds for cancelled practices or cancelled intramural games.


Participant Information:

  • Eligible grades: 
    • Girls: 7th-12th grade
    • Boys: 8th-12th grade
  • Minimum participants = 14 per team (to support 2 sub-teams of 6v6 with 2 subs)
  • Maximum participants =  16 per team
  • Tryouts: No in-person tryouts were needed. Volleyball Experience as shared on the registration form was used to form two, balanced Girls MS teams. Girls HS and Boys HS have one team each.


Important Dates for Volleyball*:

9/23 - Registration opens. Communicated in the Lions Share

9/30 - Registration ends. Communicated in the Lions Share

10/2 - Decision about tryouts communicated via email to those who registered.

10/5 - Participation fee invoices sent via MySchoolBucks.

10/7 - Physical forms due

10/8 - Participation fee invoices due.

10/8, 5:45 pm - Parent/Athlete Mandatory Meeting (via Zoom webinar)

Week of 10/19 - First practices

12/12 - Last practice (9:45-10:15am) and last intramural games (10:15-11:15am) at The PAC sand courts.

*See each team type (right side navigation) for Important Dates specific to each team, including the dates of Intramural games.




Uniforms, Attire, & Personal Equipment

  • Uniforms - Girls will be loaned a Meridian Volleyball jersey for the season. Boys Volleyball players will be loaned basketball jerseys for the season. Jerseys cannot be worn during the school day on game days or as spirit wear this season. Students will need to sign a Uniform Loan Agreement.
  • Meridian Athletics T-shirts - In recent years, a Meridian Athletics spirit wear T-shirt has been included in the participation fee. To keep costs down, we did not include this shirt in this year's participation fee. Instead, Volleyball families were invited to order a special and optional 2020-2021 Meridian Athletics spirit wear T-shirt, which includes the Meridian lion wearing a mask. (This T-shirt order window ended on 10/7. We will reopen the order for the Basketball community. If you missed the Fall Sports order window and would like to be included in the Basketball order this winter, please email
  • What to Wear -
    • Please wear loaned jerseys to the games themselves (not to school that day) and athletic bottoms. Please wear athletic attire to practices. Girls are encouraged to wear volleyball shorts if they have them. Otherwise, any athletic bottoms are acceptable as long as knee pads can also be worn. Students do not need to wear Meridian spirit wear to practices. For practices before school, students will need to change into school uniform before going to class. For intramural games, students will need to change into game attire, including loaned jerseys after school but before the game. (See Locker Rooms below.)
    • Students are required to wear volleyball knee pads and athletic shoes that do not scuff. Volleyball shoes are preferred but not required. Flat bottom shoes like Converse should not be worn. Arch support and traction are needed in shoes for volleyball. Students who do not wear knee pads and appropriate shoes will be unable to participate for safety reasons.
    • Masks must be worn by everyone at all times while inside the building. Please bring an extra mask in case one becomes wet.
  • Students must bring their own labeled water bottle to each practice and competition. Students who do not bring a water bottle will be unable to participate that day for health and safety reasons.
Locker Rooms
The school's showers are unavailable as the locker rooms are closed. Therefore, showering at school is not possible. We are not going to stop students from using the restrooms to change, but ideally students change at home. If we find there are issues with students gathering in the restrooms, we will have to change our processes and limit the use of the restrooms before and after practices. For now, students are free to use the restroom stalls to change. If all stalls are in use, students must wait in the hallway, properly physically distanced, until a stall becomes available.


The following applies to all Meridian Athletics offerings:

  • Physical Eligibility: Student athletes must have a valid physical form cleared by a physician on file with the Athletics Department before participating.
  • Academic Eligibility: Students must be academically eligible to participate in interscholastic or intramural competitions.
  • Lettering: Lettering is possible for students who participate in sports that are competing in interscholastic competitions at the Varsity level. (Lettering will not apply to 2020 Volleyball.)

Learn more about Eligibility for Athletics here.


Registration - Now Closed

Physical Forms
  • Physical forms for 2020 Volleyball are due by October 7, 2020. 
  • Students must have a valid physical form on file with the Athletics Department prior to participating. Check the expiration date of your physical form here. If your name is not listed, it is because we do not have a physical form on file for you.
  • Download a blank physical form here.
  • Learn more about physical eligibility and physical forms here.