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Primary Specials

Welcome to the Primary Specials Classes!    We meet with all K-5 students on a regular basis and are proud to be a part of the educational experiences of our 865 students!  We hope you will visit each of our sites and learn more about our programs, teaching through inquiry, and our connections to grade level planners!
Visual Art - Lindsey Reese
Music - Sal Stow
Spanish A - Lorrie Bustamante
Media Literacy - Kelly Chapman
P.E. - Paige Budde
Health & Wellness - Jamie Herman
4th/5th French - Gaiane Hochard

Specials Grading Policy

E- Exemplary: Student shows mastery of content and initiative in applying
knowledge and skills. Works consistently above expectations.  In addition, Distance Learners submit all assignments fully completed on time.

S- Solid understanding: Student shows grade-level ability in understanding
and applying content. Meets work habit expectations majority of time.  In addition, Distance Learners submit most assignments fully completed on time and respond to teacher feedback to make needed corrections.

N- Needs support to show understanding: Student is able to demonstrate understanding of content with adult assistance. Work habits are inconsistent. With reminders, student is able to self-correct.  In addition, Distance Learners show inconsistency in submitting assignments, submit assignments that are not fully complete, or response to teacher feedback is minimal.

U- Understanding is limited: Work shows understanding that is below grade 

level expectation even with adult assistance. Student is not following the 

expected work habits and does not respond to teacher correction. In addition, Distance Learners submit few or no completed assignments.

Late Work: Work is due the date it is assigned. Late work will be accepted only through the next assigned day. For example, Music is assigned on Day 2. When the next Day 2 occurs on the calendar, that assignment will no longer be accepted.