COVID-19 & Physical Forms
Because of all of the uncertainty about how things will look in the fall, we hope to open Fall and Year-Round Sports Registration in late July. The registration window is expected to be brief for Fall and Year-Round Sports. Please plan ahead and take care of anything you can beforehand. For example, physical forms will be due at the end of the sport's registration window. Please see detailed instructions for establishing and maintaining physical eligibility for the 2020-2021 school year below under 2. Physical Eligibility.


Meridian 7th-12th grade students and their parents can use the information and tools on this page to help obtain and maintain eligibility for Meridian Athletics. If after reviewing this page you have questions about your eligibility, please email Meridian-athletics@mwschool.org.


General Eligibility Based on Enrollment, Grade and Gender

  • Enrollment -
    • Students must be enrolled in Meridian School to participate in Meridian sports.
    • Students must be fully registered for a sport during the sport's registration window to be eligible to participate. 
  • Grade level - Meridian sports are available to Meridian students in 7th-12th grades.
    • 7th-8th grade students participate on Middle School teams.
    • 9th-12th grade students participate on High School teams. (JV and Varsity are High School teams.)
    • Occasionally, students in 8th grade might be asked to "play up" on a high school team, if the minimum number needed to support that team is unable to be met by high school students. 8th graders and their parents may choose to take advantage of this playing up opportunity or to be considered for the middle school team only. High school students cannot play on Middle School teams.
  • Gender - The following is the official policy from our league, Texas Charter School Academic and Athletic League (TCSAAL), to which Meridian School also subscribes:
    • Girls are eligible to participate in all boys sports with the exception of Track & Field*, Cross Country, Golf* and Tennis activities. *Sports not offered by Meridian Athletics.
    • Boys' cannot participate on girls' teams.
    • All athletes will have the opportunity to participate in TCSAAL activities in a manner that is consistent with their gender identity, irrespective of the gender listed on the student's records.
For questions regarding Eligibility, please email Meridian-athletics@mwschool.org.


Establishing & Maintaining Eligiibility

There are four considertions for establishing and maintaining eligibility in Meridian Athletics: 

  1. Character Good Standing
  2. Physical Eligibility
  3. Academic Eligibility
  4. Financial Eligibility

1. Character Good Standing

While participating in Meridian Athletics, the  student must adhere to school policies during and after school hours, on or off campus. (Please see the Parent/Student Handbook for school policies.) Students responsible for an offense or offenses that resulted in two or more days of suspension while enrolled at Meridian School could be removed from the sport's roster and could have all Athletics-related privileges revoked, including but not limited to the right to participate in a team's, sport's or Athletics Department's recognition ceremonies or socials. Enforcement will be at the discretion of Meridian Administration who will inform Meridian Athletics of necessary implications. Disciplinary offenses that would result in mandatory removal to an alternative placement under TEC Section 37.006 (in a traditional public school) will automatically result in suspension from all Meridian extracurricular activities for a period ranging from one month to the remainder of the school year.


2. Physical Eligibility

In order to participate in Meridian athletics or programs that include Meridian coaches and/or Meridian facilities, student athletes must have a valid physical form cleared by a physician on file with the Athletics Department before participating.


Check the status and expiration date of your physical form here.


Download the blank physical form  here.  (Please disregard the watermarked school year and the school year printed at the top of the document.  This physical form can be used for the 2020-2021 school year assuming all of the information and the physician's examination is dated within 364 days of the last day of the sport's season. The watermarked date and printed date on the top of the physical form do not impact the expiration date of the physical form. Only the date of the physician's examination impact the physical form expiration date.)


In order for a physical form to be approved by the Athletics Department, all of the following must be true:

  • It must be filled out completely.
  • The Medical History side must be completed by the student athlete and signed and dated by the student athlete and a parent.
  • The Physician's Examination side must be completed by a physician. It must indicate that the student athlete is physically "cleared" to participate. It must include the physician's name, address and phone number. It must include the physician's signature. It must include the date of examination. All of which must be legible.

Physical forms are valid for one year from the physician's examination date.


Physical forms must be valid throughout the entire sport's season in order to maintain physical eligibility. If a physical expires during the sport's season, the student athlete is responsible for providing an updated physical form before it expires and allowing two business days for the Athletics Department to process it. Student athletes may not participate in training, practices, clinics, tryouts or competitions until the Athletics Department has a valid physical form on file. Again, student athletes can check the status and expiration date of their physical form here.


How to submit physical forms 
Effective May 26, 2020, all physical forms should be submitted in the following way:
A scanned PDF sent by email to physicals@mwschool.org.(Please do not reply to a message with your physical form attached. Instead, please start a new email with your physical form attached and send to this email address.
Please do not send physical forms to Meridian-athletics@mwschool.org.


Physical form deadlines by sport for 2020-2021

Volleyball - TBD
Cross Country - TBD
Dance Team - TBD
Swimming - TBD
Fall Tennis - TBD
Basketball - TBD
Winter Tennis - TBD
Spring Running - TBD
Soccer - TBD
Baseball - TBD
Submitting Physicals Over the Summer (2020)
Please note that physical forms must be processed through the Athletics Department (not coaches or other members of staff), and the Athletics Department will be closed May 29-July 20. Physicals can be submitted to physicals@mwschool.org while the Athletics Department is closed and they will be processed within two days of reopening.
For Frequently Asked Questions pertaining to Physical Eligibility and physical forms, please go here.


3. Academic Eligibility

It is the responsibility of the students to watch their grades and work to resolve missing work, failing assessments, and submit extra-credit assignments during the grading period within the time provided by each teacher. Students must be passing all of their classes at the end of the grading quarter leading into that sport’s season as well as passing all classes at the end of grading quarter(s) during that sport's season. If one or more quarter grades are below 70 or an incomplete has been recorded, eligibility is lost 5 school days following the end of the quarter. That 5-day window is in place to allow teachers time to correct input errors. It is not time for students to do extra-credit work in the hopes to bring grades up. As all students and parents have access to TXConnect (online gradebook), students should be working with their teachers before the end of the grading quarter to ensure they have taken advantage of every opportunity to bring low grades up and ensure that they are passing all classes BEFORE the end of the grading period. If ineligible based upon previous quarter grades, but all course grades on 4-week progress report are 70 or above with no grades of incomplete, eligibility is regained 5 school days following the 4-week progress report. 4-week progress report grades may cause a student to regain eligibility (if all grades are passing), but will not cause a student who is currently eligible to become ineligible. Fourth quarter grades do not affect first quarter eligibility. All athletes start the school year as academically eligible. The Athletics Coordinator will inform the athletes and their parents/guardians if the student athlete's academic eligibility status changes. The coach will also be informed. Student athletes who are academically ineligible may not compete and will not be excused from school for athletics purposes. This includes early release and excused absences. Academically ineligible student athletes may continue to practice and train with their team. They are permitted to sit on the bench at competitions, but they may not dress out in school uniform for competitions. Though semester grades are ultimately what counts for a student receiving credit for a high school credit course, they do not count towards “no pass no play." Only quarter grades and 4 week progress reports affect “no pass no play” eligibility to compete/perform.

Tryouts - Academic Eligibility does not affect a student athlete's ability to tryout. In fact, academic eligibility for a team is not assessed until after tryouts when the roster is formed.

Summer & Extended Breaks - Students may compete over the summer or extended (one week or more) breaks regardless of eligibility status, and a failing grade the previous year does not affect eligibility in the subsequent year.

You will find the specific dates for academic eligibility below.

DP Exception - Diploma Programme students who have failed only one DP class may request an Academic Eligibility Waiver. Find the waiver here..

Important 2019-2020 school year dates for Academic Eligibility










(at 4:00pm)





Regained /

Lost (at 4:00pm)



























4. Financial Eligibility

Your Meridian School financial account must be in good standing to be considered for tryouts and participation. Please check your MySchoolBucks account. If you have not yet set up your MySchoolBucks account, you can find instructions to do so here.

Contact Robyn Tester at meridian-athletics@mwschool.org if you are unsure about your financial eligibility.

Participaion fees for your sport must be paid on or before the deadline for your sport. 

Good financial standing = no fees owed after the payment deadline or before tryouts for sports with tryouts. (There is a deadline exception for families who have requested a Payment Plan on their Registration Form for a participation fee for a sport with tryouts. In that case the initial payment is due by the participation fee deadline and the balance is due a few weeks later. Please see Financial Information for details.)



For additional questions about eligibility for Meridian Athletics, please email Meridian-athletics@mwschool.org.