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Student athletes and their parents/guardians must join TeamApp to stay current on important updates from their team.
For sports with tryouts, please wait to join until after the team rosters have been announced. For Camps and Developmental Sports, you are welcome to join the correct TeamApp and Access Group once you have registered for the sport experience.
1. Please download Team App:
2. Search for your TeamApp name (see below) and request to join the correct Access Group. (Access Groups are the same as your team or group name, i.e., Girls Varsity Basketball, 2022 Soccer Summer Camp, Fall Developmental Tennis, etc.)
2022-2023 TeamApps
  • Baseball - Coming Soon
  • Basketball  -"MWS Basketball"
  • Cross Country - "MSW Cross Country"
  • Dance Team - Coming Soon
  • Soccer - "MWS Soccer"
  • Swimming - "MWS Swimming"
  • Tennis - Coming Soon
  • Volleyball - "MWS Volleyball"
IMPORTANT! Don't forget to join your access group so you are receiving relevant updates!