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Athletics Spirit Wear

Spirit wear can be available for a sport's community up to once each school year. It is initiated by the sport's community, and led and managed by a single point of contact who is either a coach or a parent/guardian. This person is referred to as the Spirit Wear Lead.


About Meridian Athletics spirit wear:

  • Sport spirit wear is approved to be worn by students to school on Fridays.
  • Sport spirit wear is available for purchase by that school year's sport's community and Meridian staff. It is not available to the Meridian community as a whole.
  • Spirit wear can be a fundraiser for the sport, but it does not have to be. (Spirit wear can be sold at cost or for a profit towards the sport/Athletics.)
  • All purchases/orders for spirit wear go through MySchoolBucks.
  • There is a process that must be adhered to when a sport wishes to offer spirit wear. 


Spirit Wear Approval Process

  1. Sport decides they want spirit wear and a point person is determined to manage the process. This person is the Spirit Wear Lead.
  2. Parent/guardian or student comes up with an idea for spirit wear. They either design it themselves or get someone else to design it. (Please keep in mind that the school does not reimburse for spirit wear design costs.) The resulting spirit wear design is shared with the Spirit Wear Lead digitally. Both the design concept and an image of the type and color of the spirit wear (ex: red crew T-shirt) must be submitted. Please see Design Requirements on the right.
  3. The spirit wear lead gets quotes (cost and turn around time) from three preferred vendors based on an estimated number of items ordered. 
  4. The Spirit Wear Lead submits the spirit wear proposal to sport's lead coach or Varsity coach for approval:
    1. The spirit wear design (concept and image of intended spirit wear type and color)
    2. The estimated cost and recommended price point at which to sell the spirit wear to the community.
  5. Once the lead coach has approved the spirit wear proposal, the Spirit Wear Lead must complete and submit the following forms in one fresh email that also includes a digital image of the spirit wear design (concept and image of type and color of spirit wear) to Ashlie Langlinais, Athletics Coordinator, at ashlie.[email protected]
    If spirit wear is to be sold at cost, please email all of the following to Ashlie Langlinais
    (ashlie.[email protected]) in one fresh email:
    1. The coach-approved design (concept + image of type of spirit wear in desired color)
    2. Spirit Wear Design Approval Form
    3. Student Activity Funding Form - to be completed and submitted with design and Design Approval Form if the spirit wear is to be sold at cost.
    If spirit wear is to be sold above cost, please email all of the following to Ashlie Langlinais ashlie.[email protected]) in one fresh email:
    1. The coach-approved design
    2. Spirit Wear Design Approval Form
    3. Fundraising Application - must be completed and submitted with design and Design Approval Form if the spirit wear is to be sold above cost
    -->Please be sure to account for the 3.95% MySchoolBucks processing fee.
    -->Since the school is selling the spirit wear, whether it is a fundraiser or not, sales tax must be added to all MySchoolBucks spirit wear orders. Sales tax is 8.25% and will be automatically added to the spirit wear product in MySchoolBucks.
Please allow 10 school days from the time your email with all three components is sent to Ashlie Langlinais before hearing back as spirit wear approval requires several levels of review/approval. 
Getting Spirit Wear Available to Order
Once the spirit wear is approved, the next step is to get it available to order through MySchoolBucks.
  1. The spirit wear lead provides Robyn Tester with the following in an email to [email protected]:
  2. A list of all options (size, customized or not customized, etc.) available and the prices associated for each option. Please remember that MySchoolBucks charges a 3.95% processing fee. Sales tax (8.25% will be added to each transaction as well.
  3. A digital image for each type of spirit wear with the design must also be included.
  4. The desired open and close date for the orders. (All orders will be done through MySchoolBucks. The system deadline is at 11:59pm the day specified, although we suggest communicating 8pm. 
  5. It is recommended that spirit wear orders be open for one week. Any longer than that and people delay ordering and risk forgetting. Much shorter than that is not providing enough time for families to work it into their busy schedules.
Please allow 5 school days per spirit wear product to get it accessible to order through MySchoolBucks.
Ordering and Fulfillment
  1. Once ready, Robyn will send the links to the MySchoolBucks spirit wear products to the spirit wear lead to share with the community through TeamApp and emails. (Do not share on social media as that community is not limited to this year's teams but the spirit wear sales are.) Please make it very clear that all orders must be conducted through these links and that there will be NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES. Parents/guardians must double check their order before submitting.
  2. Two school days after the deadline for the spirit wear, Robyn will email a report outlining the orders for the spirit wear lead to place the order. (Approved vendors should have our tax exempt information, but if they do not, please request that from Ashlie or Robyn.)
  3. The spirit wear lead will pick up the order when ready, check it for accuracy and work with the coaches to fulfill (deliver) to the individuals who ordered.
  4. The spirit wear lead will send or deliver the spirit wear order receipt to Ashlie, who will submit a check requisition for the vendor.
As you can see, there are many steps to bringing spirit wear to a team. Please allow 6-8 weeks for the entire process. 
Meridian's PMS Colors:
Red = PMS 1807
Gray = PMS 7546
Design Requirements:
  • Design colors should be within the school's color palette: red, gray, black and white. See the exact PMS Colors above.
  • Materials should also be within the school's color palette: red, gray, black and white.
  • Other colors will likely not be approved.
  • If a lion is to be used, it must be the Meridian lion from the logo(s). Other lions are not likely to be approved.