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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What Sports are available to my student?
A:  Meridian sports experiences are offered for Meridian students in grades 7-12. Find a list of our anticipated sports experiences for 2022-2023 along with the registration dates and tryout dates on the Registration webpage.


Q: Why does the ability to participate in Meridian Athletics begin in the 7th grade?

A:  Meridian follows the practice common in surrounding schools in having Athletics open to students starting in 7th grade.  6th grade students are eligible to participate in a variety of Meridian extracurricular clubs before and after school, but not in Athletics.


Q: Can boys play in girls sports and vice versa?

A:The following is the official policy from our league, Texas Charter School Academic and Athletic League (TCSAAL), to which Meridian School also subscribes:
    • Girls are eligible to participate in all boys sports with the exception of Track & Field*, Cross Country, Golf* and Tennis activities. *Sports not offered by Meridian Athletics.
    • Boys' cannot participate on girls' teams.
    • All athletes will have the opportunity to participate in TCSAAL activities in a manner that is consistent with their gender identity, irrespective of the gender listed on the student's records.
    • Our intent is to schedule non-league competitions with schools or tournament hosts that are equally open to athletes participating in a manner that is consistent with their gender identity.

For questions regarding Eligibility, please visit the Eligibility webpage.


Q. What is the proper way to communicate a concern about our team?

A.  Meridian encourages our student athletes to advocate for themselves as they prepare to artfully navigate our complex world. In keeping with this principle, the Meridian Athletics Department has adopted the school approach for how student athletes and parents/guardians should communicate concerns. Student athletes and parents/guardians should wait 24 hours after tryouts and/or competitions before approaching a coach about a concern. This allows time for the coach to focus on the task at hand and for student athletes and parents/guardians to fully reflect on their concern. Please do not approach a coach before or after a tryout, competition or practice.

Please respect the 24-hour reflection period.
After 24-hours, student athletes and parents should communicate concerns following the
this order of escalation:

Order of Escalation for Communicating Concerns or Grievance:

To find contact information for coaches and the Athletics Department, please go here
1. Student athlete to Coach.
2. Parent/guardian to Coach.

3. Student athlete or parent/guardian to Athletics Coordinator
4. Student athlete or parent/guardian to Director of Student Enrichment Services: Monique Swain

5. Student athlete or parent/guardian to Chief Operations Officer: Karalei Nunn

Please note that principals are not included in the order of escalation to communicate concerns or grievances.




Q:  When can I register my student for a sport?

A:  Each sport has a registration window. There is a multi-step registration process for each sport. Students are not successfully registered until all steps have been taken by the registration deadline. Successful registration will produce a MySchoolBucks receipt for the $50 non-refundable registration fee. Find a list of our anticipated sports experiences for 2022-2023 along with the registration dates and tryout dates on the Registration webpage.


Q.  Is there late registration available for sports?

A:  No. Each sport's registration window is at least a week long and communicated via several channels. There is no late registration available for students who were enrolled in Meridian during the sport's registration window. New students who enroll in Meridian School after the sport's registration window should email the school registrar for information about possible New Student Late Sports Registration. Please email [email protected].


Q. What if I need to withdraw my student from a sport for which they are already registered?

A:  If you need to withdraw from a sport, please follow this process:

  1. The parent/guardian of the student withdrawing should email [email protected] and copy the coaches. Please send a fresh email and don't reply to another email. Please include in your subject line: "Withdrawing from [sport]" and your student's name.
  2. In the body of your email, please include the student's name and grade and the sport from which you are withdrawing. You are welcome to include a reason, but you are not required to do so.

Please note that registration fees and participation fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. You can learn more about that on this webpage. (Scroll down to Athletics Refund Policy.)


Q:  When are tryouts for my sport?

A:  Developmental sports, sports camps, and Cross Country do not have tryouts to join the team. However, there are limited spots in most of these cases, and those spots are filled on a first registered basis. All other sport's tryouts will be communicated on their webpage as soon as that information is available.


Q:  When are participation fees due for my sport?

A:  Participation fees are due before the first practice, Participation fees are invoiced via MySchoolBucks. The date participation fees is due is communicated on the sport's webpage as soon as that information is available.


Q:  What are competitions like for Meridian sports?

A: Meridian School is a member of Texas Charter School Academic and Athletic League (TSCAAL), which offers a post-season for most of our sports. Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball and Soccer compete within this league, which consists of other charter schools. Cross Country participates in the Regional and State Meets available through TCSAAL. Spring Tennis participates in the TCSAAL State Tennis Tournament. TCSAAL currently does not offer Swimming or Dance Team. Therefore High School Swimming competes in meets with other area schools and Dance Team participates in area competitions and performs at pep rallies and some home Basketball games.


Q:  When does the season end?

A. For Volleyball, Basketball, Cross Country, Soccer, Spring Tennis and Baseball, the season ends with the final competition. For these sports that participate in TCSAAL, each team's advancement to the league's post-season depends on its performance during league competitions. Not all teams have the opportunity to advance to State. Junior Varsity cannot advance beyond Regionals. Middle School teams in the Secondary Division cannot advance beyond the Sub-Regional Championship. (Middle school teams in the Premier Division and Varsity teams may earn the privilege to advance as far as State.)  For sports that do not compete in the league, their last scheduled competition will be the end of their season unless otherwise noted on that sport's webpage. A team's practices end when their competition season ends.
Each sport has an End of Season Social to celebrate the season. This is usually a pot luck style event with an awards ceremony.


Q:  What do my student and I need to know and agree to in order to participate in Meridian Athletics?

A.  Prior to participating in any Meridian sports, students and parents/guardians must read Athletics Terms for Participation carefully. Questions about the terms, procedures and agreements outlined in the Terms for Participation should be emailed to [email protected]. Please allow two school days for a response. Upon submitting a registration form for Meridian Athletics, the parent/guardian agrees to all terms outlined in the Terms for Participation for themselves and their participating student(s).


Q:  What are the eligibility requirements for participating in Meridian Athletics?

A:  Great question! There are four eligibilty requirements: Academic, Physical, Financial and Character Good Standing. Please see the Eligibilty webpage for details about each.


Academic eligibility does not apply to sports experiences that do not include competition, such as Developmental seasons, Camps and Clinics. Academic eligibility also does not apply to summer sports experiences.


Q. My student is involved in several extra-curricular activities. Will they be excused from practices and/or competitions because of conflicts due to these other activities?

A. Meridian's students are extremely talented and involved in multiple activities, from multiple Meridian sports, to theatre and Model UN, to scouts and  select and club sports outside of school. 


The Athletics Department supports measured risk-taking AND balance. Balance is often difficult to achieve. 


Athletics leadership strives to avoid overlaps in vital MWS Athletics activities; however, it is important to note that participation in multiple activities (including but not limited to multiple sports), means that the student is likely to have an occasional schedule conflict.


Students are responsible for knowing their own schedules and their limitations. The Athletics Department works hard to communicate important dates and times before the registration period for a sport closes. Students should review these important dates before committing to a sport and team. 


Those who are involved in multiple activities will be held accountable to their team just as those who committed only to the single sport or activity. 


When in doubt, student athletes are encouraged to connect with their coach (or potential coach) and discuss possible conflicts and resolutions. Exceptions to participation requirements at the team level will be at the coach's discretion.


For sports with tryouts, cuts are generally made. The coaches for a sport run the tryouts together to make the best decisions for the sport and each team. For that reason, it is essential that all students who plan to participate in a sport participate in tryouts, regardless of possible personal conflicts due to participation in other activities.


While the Athletics Department works with other school departments to avoid major conflicts, at times, conflicts are simply unavoidable, and students will have to make choices.


Q: Are there limits regarding how many practices and competitions in which my student will be permitted to participate?

A. Yes, limits are set weekly by team level (Middle School, JV, Varsity). Please see below.


Limits on Practices and Competitions (Games / Matches / Meets)

Dance Team Officers, HS Swimming, Varsity Baseball, Varsity Basketball, Varsity Soccer, Varsity Tennis, Varsity Volleyball

  • Practice - 6 hours per week maximum, up to 2 hours per day 
  • Competitions - 2 per week
  • Activities (Practices + Competitions) - 5 per week

Dance Team, HS Cross Country, JV Basketball, JV Volleyball, JV Soccer

  • Practice - 4.5 hours per week maximum, up to 2 hours per day  
  • Competitions - 2 per week
  • Activities (Practices + Competitions) - 5 per week

MS Basketball, MS Soccer, MS Tennis, MS Volleyball, Developmental Sports

  • Practice - 3 hours per week maximum, up to 1.5 hours per day
  • Competitions - 2 per week
  • Activities (Practices + Competitions) - 4 per week

Essentially, the practice/competition limits allow five activities a week at the Varsity or JV level and four activities a week at the Middle School level. For example, if there are three competitions in one week, practices must be reduced to two for Varsity and JV; reduce to one practice for Middle School. For weeks that include a tournament, the team should remove a game or a practice during the week as they are essentially getting an ‘extra’ day in and taking time away from available academic time.


Q: Why does HS Cross Country only practice 4.5 hours a week?

Meridian’s Cross Country coaches select the best practice schedule that supports the level of activity required to train for Cross Country while also considering the hot months of the season. Cross Country participants are invited to reach out to their coaches for additional training suggestions that they can pursue on their own outside of the team’s practice schedule.

Q. Will there be practices or competitions during school holidays or testing?

A. There will be no competitions during school holidays or finals week, although a competition may be scheduled the evening of the last day of finals. If a competition is accepted on the last day of finals, practice may take place the weekend before, but not during the week of finals.

Q.  Are there consequences if my student does not participate in optional practices?
A.  Any practices offered during finals week and during school holidays are optional for the student athletes. "Play time" in the next game/competition will not be determined based on participation in optional practices.
Q.  Are practices on campus open to parents and spectators?
A Practices on campus are closed to parents/guardians and spectators. Different coaches have different preferences regarding open vs. closed practices. In order to offer consistency throughout the program, practices will be closed in general. On occasion, a coach may invite parents for a specific practice, but this must be arranged for beforehand by the coach, who would coordinate any necessary changes in the facility needs and communications through the Athletics Department.
Q.  Are tryouts open to parents and spectators?
A.  All tryouts, whether on campus or offsite, are closed to parents/guardians and spectators. 
Q:  Does Meridian School provide or arrange transportation for offsite practices and competitions?
ANo. Per the Athletics Terms for Participation, parents/guardians are responsible for the transportation of their students to practices and competitions. Coaches cannot arrange or provide transportation.
Q:  Does Meridian help with carpooling to offsite Athletics events?
A:  No. Arranging carpools is the responsibility of the parents/guardians. However, there is a tool available to help parents/guardians connect with each other to both arrange carpooling and build their team's community. That tool is: 
  • TeamApp - a tool accessible from computers and smart phones/mobile devices that allows parents to start private and group chats, which could include carpooling collaborations.
Q:  My student has a competition that starts at a time that will require us leaving campus earlier than the regular dismissal time. What should we do?
A:  Please connect with your coach as soon as you see something on your schedule that you believe will require an early release from school. The coach will work with the Athletics Department to arrange an early release when it is necessary. Due to regular dismissal times and procedures, the latest an early release for a team will be authorized is 2:20pm (Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays). 
Please note that only academically eligible students will be released early from school for Athletics purposes.
Q:  What if there is an early release for my team, but my student athlete is riding with a teammate?
A:  Please see the Carpooling and Transportation/Permissions under Athletics Terms for Participation.
Q. What is the Refund Policy for Athletics fees?

Registration Fee Refunds - 

The Sport Registration Fee is automatically refunded under the following circumstances:

  • If the minimum number of participants to form the team/group is not met during registration.
  • If the student athlete tries out and is not offered a place on any team in that sport during that season. 

The Sport Registration Fee is NOT refundable under the following circumstances:

  • If the student leaves the school.
  • If the student decides not to try out (for sports with tryouts).
  • If the student does not participate. 
  • If the student is unable to establish and/or maintain eligibility. 
  • If a student is removed from a sport’s roster for failure to pay the participation fee within 10 calendar days.
  • If the student is removed from the sport’s roster by administration for behavioral reasons.

Extraordinary Event Refund for Registration Fee - Should there be an extraordinary event interfering with the ability to provide the experience as expected, the registration fee could be refunded at the school's discretion.

Participation Fee Refunds - Should a student athlete leave the school, decide not to participate, and/or not establish or maintain eligibility, the fee is non-refundable and non-transferable (to another sport, student or school fee). 

Extraordinary Event Refund for Participation Fee - Should there be an extraordinary event after the sport’s season has started, requiring the sport to be cancelled before reaching the halfway point, a 35% refund will be issued to the parent/guardian who paid the participation fee. (The halfway point of the sport’s season is noted under “Important Dates” on the sport’s webpage.)

Families are encouraged to connect with the Athletics Coordinator for any support needed. (Ashlie Langlinais, [email protected].)

Q:  Is financial assistance available for Meridian sports?
A: Meridian School wants all students to have the opportunity to participate. Financial assistance and/or payment plans are available. Families who want a payment plan should request it by emailing [email protected] prior to the Participation Fee due date.
Q:  Is a uniform provided for my sport?
A:  A uniform is provided for all competitive sports. For all sports but Swimming, the uniform is loaned. Most loaned uniforms consist of a team jersey. Some sports include additional pieces. For Swimming, the provided uniform includes a Meridian swim cap.
Q.  How should students dress at school on competition days?
A.  When student athletes have a competition (home or away), they may wear their team's jersey with the appropriate school uniform bottoms to school that day. A solid T-shirt in school colors (red, black, gray or white) must be worn under sleeveless jerseys.
If the competition is on Friday or over the weekend, the student athlete may wear the team's jersey on Friday.
Swimming - Because the Swim Team does not have jerseys, swimmers may wear approved Meridian Swimming or their "Meridian Athletics" spirit wear with the appropriate school uniform bottoms to school the day of swim meets.
Jerseys are not to be worn on Fridays as spirit wear when there is not a competition that day or that weekend.
Important! The entire team must dress the same -- either all wear the team's jersey to school or none wear it. In the case of teams with more than one jersey, the same jersey should be worn by all on the team.
Please note that Professional Attire is not to be worn by student athletes. Student athletes who dress in professional attire could receive a written referral for a dress code violation.
Q:  If our team would like to get spirit wear, how would we go about doing this?
A:  Students will receive a Meridian Athletics spirit wear T-shirt, which their coach may also chose to use as the required practice shirt. For all other spirit wear requests, please see the Athletics Spirit Wear webpage for the process.
Q. What communication tools should I utilize to stay fully informed about my team/sport?
A. Once a team is formed, the primary communications that are team specific will come from the coach or the team parent. The Athletics Department strives to be diligent in its communications. All deadlines, registration windows, important dates and Athletics events are communicated through each of the following channels:
  • The Athletics website, accessible at mwschool.org/athletics - Important dates and deadlines are communicated on each sport's General Information page and the Athletics Calendar.
  • The Lions Share - High School newsletter emailed to parents/guardians weekly, usually on Thursdays. Students may subscribe as well. 
  • The Middle School Mane - Middle School newsletter emailed to parents/guardians weekly, usually on Wednesdays. Students may subscribe as well. 
  • Advisory Slides - On Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, slides are posted during Advisory at 2pm. Reminders about important dates and deadlines for Athletics are included in these slides that are shown to all secondary students. The slides are also accessible to parents/guardians through the Lion's Share and Middle School Mane newsletters, emailed weekly, or here is the link to the current Advisory slides/announcements.
  • TeamApp - Student athletes and their parents/guardians will need to join and use TeamApp to stay current on everything important about their team/sport.
Q: Can homeschooling students participate in Meridian sports?
A: For most of our sports, Meridian participates in the Texas Charter School Academic and Athletic League, which does not allow homeschooling students to participate on the school's team. For equity across all sports, including those that do not compete in the league, we require that all participants be enrolled in Meridian.
If you have additional questions, please email [email protected].