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Athlete & Parent Information

Current Sports Offerings (2018-2019)

Competitive sports are offered for Meridian students in grades 7-12. Our current sports offering is:



Meridian School is a member of Texas Charter School Academic and Athletic League (TSCAAL)


Please note the opportunity to participate in Meridian Athletics begins in the 7th grade.

Meridian follows the practice common in surrounding schools in having Athletics open to students starting in 7th grade.  6th grade students are eligible to participate in a variety of Meridian extracurricular clubs before and after school, but not in Athletics.

Occasionally, Meridian Athletics sponsors a community-building fundraiser that might include 6th grade students, such as the Triangle Triples (3-on-3) Tennis fundraiser and Spring Running/Conditioning for 5K/10K fundraiser.


Terms for Participation

Prior to participating in any Meridian sports, students and parents/guardians must read Athletics Terms for Participation carefully. Questions about the terms, procedures and agreements outlined in the Terms for Participation document should be emailed to Meridian-athletics@mwschool.org. Please allow two school days for a response. Upon submitting a registration form for a Meridian sport, the parent/guardian agrees to all terms outined in the Terms for Participation for themselves and their participating student(s).


Participating in Multiple Sports or Activities

Meridian's students are extremely talented and involved in multiple activities, from multiple Meridian sports, to theater and Model UN, to select and club sports outside of school. 


The Athletics Department supports measured risk-taking AND balance.  Balance is often difficult to achieve. 


The athletic leadership strives to avoid overlaps in vital MWS athletic activities; however, it is important to note that participation in multiple activities (including but not limited to multiple sports), means that the student is likely to have an occasional schedule conflict.


Students are responsible for knowing their own schedules and their limitations. The Athletics Department works hard to communicate important dates and times before the registration period for a sport closes. Students should review these important dates before committing to a sport and team. 


Those who are involved in multiple activities will be held accountable to their team just as those who committed only to the single sport or activity. 


When in doubt, student athletes are encouraged to connect with their coach (or potential coach) and discuss possible conflicts and resolutions. Exceptions to participation requirements at the team-level will be at the coach's discretion.


For sports with tryouts, cuts are generally made. The coaches for a sport run the tryouts together to make the best decisions for the sport and each team. For that reason, it is essential that all students who plan to participate in a sport participate in tryouts, regardless of possible personal conflicts due to participation in other activities.


While the Athletics Department works with other school departments to avoid major conflicts, at times, conflicts are simply unavoidable, and students will have to make choices. 


Limits on Practices and Games

The following limits were set by Meridian Administration.

These limits are per sport.


  • Practice - 6 hours per week maximum, 3 days  
  • Games - 2 per week

Junior Varsity

  • Practice - 4.5 hours per week maximum, 3 days  
  • Games - 2 per week

Middle School

  • Practice - 3 hours per week maximum, 2 days  
  • Games - 2 per week


No games during finals week, although a game may be scheduled the evening of the last day of finals. If a game is accepted on the last day of finals, practice may take place the weekend before, but not during the week of finals.


Essentially, the practice/game limits allow five activities a week at the varsity or JV level and four activities a week at the middle school level. For example, if there are three games in one week, practices must be reduced to two for varsity and JV; reduce to one practice for middle school. For weeks that include a tournament, the team should remove a game or a practice during the week as they are essentially getting an ‘extra’ day in and taking time away from available academic time.


About Volleyball and Basketball Competitions
Meridian's regular volleyball and basketball seasons consists of league (TCSAAL) games, non-league games and tournaments. Due to resource capacity, there will be a limit of non-league games and tournaments in which each team participates.


JV teams and Middle School teams - The maximum number of non-league games and tournaments for Junior Varsity and Middle School teams are as follows:
  • Up to two home non-league games
  • Up to two away non-league games
  • Up to two tournaments (inclusive of Meridian tournaments)


Varsity teams - The maximum number of non-league games and tournaments for Varsity teams are as follows:
  • Up to three home non-league games
  • Up to three away non-league games
  • Up to two tournaments (inclusive of Meridian tournaments)


Non-league schedules are typically available and posted well before the league schedule. Ultimately, the Game Schedule will show all competitions for all teams for the sport. Non-league games are marked with an asterisk on the game schedules.


A team's advancement to the league's post-season depends on its performance during league games. Not all teams are guaranteed to advance to State. Junior varsity teams do not advance beyond Regionals. (Middle school and Varsity may earn the privilege to advance as far as State.) A team's practices end when their competition season ends.


Athletics Refunds

There are two parts to the refund policy. The first is to the registration fee:


Registration Fee: A $30 registration fee (which is a processing fee) must be paid for each student athlete for each sport's season. The registration fee is refundable only for sports that require tryouts, and it is only refundable if the student athlete tries out and is not offered a place on any team in that sport during that season. In this case, the parent who paid the registration fee must request a refund via email to Meridian-athletics@mwschool.org within 30 days of that sport's tryouts.

The registration fee is not refundable if the student leaves the school or decides not to tryout or not to participate. 

Each sports' season (and each special sport activity that has a participation fee) will have their own registration/processing fee.


The second is for the participation fee:

Participation Fees are non-refundable. Should a student athlete leave the school, decide not to participate, and/or not maintain eligibility, the participation fees are non-refundable.


Student athletes are ineligible to participate in a sport without having first paid their participation fee,


Sports with tryouts, such as volleyball and basketball depend on a commitment to the sport and team the day of tryouts. Therefore, participation fees are collected as soon as teams are formed after tryouts in the form of a check (made out to Meridian School). If enough student athletes do not commit financially with the payment of the participation fee, then the team might not have enough participants to form. Should a team not form due to too few participants, those who have paid will be refunded, or in the case of volleyball and basketball, their checks will be returned.


For sports that do not have a minimum to form a team, such as Swimming, Tennis and Cross Country, should an athlete decide to drop the sport before the season starts, the Athletics Department could agree to voiding the open invoice for the participation fee. If the invoice is paid and the student athlete drops the sport before the season starts, the invoice could be voided and the paid amount would become a credit on the student athlete's account (not the family's account), to be applied to that student athlete's next sport/season of choice.


As previously noted, student athletes are not permitted to participate until the participation fee is paid. In the case when the participation fee remains unpaid and the student athlete remains ineligible for three weeks into that sport's season, then the student athlete will be removed from the roster and the invoice will be voided. The registration fee remains non-refundable in this case. Student athletes who have been dropped by the Athletics Department for failure to achieve financial eligibility within the first three weeks' of a sport's season twice (for two sports or two seasons), may not be allowed to register for athletics at Meridian in the future. Fundamental to Athletics, the opportunity to participate requires a commitment to the team, the coaches and the program.


Financial assistance is available to those who qualify. To request financial assistance, such as reduced fees and/or a payment plan, please email financialaid@mwschool.org at least two business days before the participation fee is due.


Competition Day Dress / No Professional Attire for Athletes
When student athletes have a competition (home or away), they may wear their team's jersey with the appropriate school uniform bottoms to school that day. No jeans are to be worn with jerseys for games Monday-Thursday. 
If the competition is on Friday or over the weekend, the student athlete may wear the team's jersey with jeans on Friday.
Swimming - Because the Swim Team does not have jerseys, high school swimmers may wear approved Meridian Swimming spirit wear with the appropriate school uniform bottoms to school the day of swim meets. (No jeans are to be worn with Meridian Swimming spirit wear Monday-Thursday.)
Jerseys are not to be worn on Fridays as spirit wear when there is not a competition that day or that weekend.
Please note that for the 2018-2019 school year, Professional Attire is not to be worn by student athletes. This will be reevaluated in the spring of 2019 for the 2019-2020 school year. Student athletes who dress in professional attire could receive a written referral for a dress code violation.


Grievance Protocol

To find contact information for coaches and the Athletics Department, please go here.


Chain of Command for Communicating Concerns:

  1. Student athlete to Coach
  2. Parent to Coach
  3. Student athlete or parent to Athletics Coordinator: Eddie Timmons
  4. Student athlete or parent to Director of Student Enrichment Services: Monique Swain
  5. Student athlete or parent to Chief Operations Officer: Karalei Nunn
  6. Student athlete or parent to Head of School: Rick Fernandez


Late Registration


Steps 1-5 in the Registration process must be complete by the sport's registration deadline. Learn more here.


Please note that the Athletics Department consists of two people, each of whom are not dedicated solely to Athletics. For that reason, we must plan our time and resources very carefully. Athletics deadlines, including sports' registration deadlines, must be observed in order to allow the Athletics Department to see to the other department requirements.


Therefore, we must deny all requests for late registrations with only one exception:

Late registration will be considered only for newly enrolled Meridian students for sports that:

  1. Have not yet met their minimum enrollment requirements,
  2. Do not have tryouts and cuts,
  3. And have not started their competitive season.

New students must inquire about late registration for such sports within five school days of starting at Meridian School. They must work diligently with the Athletics Department to complete their registration process, including completing necessary registration forms, paying late registration fees, paying the participation fee and submitting a valid physical form within two school days.


Please note that the Athletics Department strives to be diligent in its communications. All deadlines and registration windows are communicated through each of the following channels:

  • Athletics News - available online and updated weekly on Tuesday mornings.
  • The Athletics Newsletter - emailed periodically on Tuesdays for time-sensitive or important announcements to all secondary students and their parents. If you are not receiving this email, please check that Meridian's registrar has a valid email address for you, and please check your promotions/spam folders. 
  • The Athletics website, accessible at mwschool.org/athletics - Important dates and deadlines are communicated on each sport's General Information page and the Athletics Calendar.
  • Advisory Slides - On Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, slides are posted during Advisory at 2pm. Reminders about important dates and deadlines for Athletics are included in these slides that are shown to all secondary students. The slides are also accessible to parents through the Lion's Share newsletter, emailed from Mr. Ryder weekly, or here is the link to the current Advisory slides/announcements.
Closed Practices on Campus
Practices on campus are closed to parents and spectators. Different coaches have different preferences regarding open vs. closed practices. In order to offer consistency throughout the program, practices will be closed in general. On occasion, a coach may invite parents for a specific practice, but this must be arranged for beforehand by the coach, who would coordinate any necessary changes in the facility needs and communications through the Athletics Department.


Helpful Documents and Links

Physical Form

Athletic Uniform Loan Agreement



Academic Eligibility

It is the responsibility of the students to watch their grades and work to resolve missing work, failing assessments, and submit extra-credit assignments during the grading period within the time provided by each teacher. Students must be passing all of their classes at the end of the grading quarter leading into that sport’s season as well as passing all classes at the end of grading quarter(s) during that sport's season. If one or more quarter grades are below 70 or an incomplete has been recorded, eligibility is lost 5 school days following the end of the quarter. That 5-day window is in place to allow teachers time to correct input errors. It is not time for students to do extra-credit work in the hopes to bring grades up. As all students and parents have access to TXConnect (online gradebook), students should be working with their teachers before the end of the grading quarter to ensure they have taken advantage of every opportunity to bring low grades up and ensure that they are passing all classes BEFORE the end of the grading period. If ineligible based upon previous quarter grades, but all course grades on 4-week progress report are 70 or above with no grades of incomplete, eligibility is regained 5 school days following the 4-week progress report. 4-week progress report grades may cause a student to regain eligibility (if all grades are passing), but will not cause a student who is currently eligible to become ineligible. Fourth quarter grades do not affect first quarter eligibility. All athletes start the school year as academically eligible. The Athletics Coordinator will inform the athletes and their parents/guardians if the student athlete's academic eligibility status changes. The coach will also be informed. Student athletes who are academically ineligible may not compete and will not be excused from school for athletics purposes. This includes early release and excused absences. Academically ineligible student athletes may continue to practice and train with their team. They are permitted to sit on the bench at competitions, but they may not dress out in school uniform for competitions. You will find the specific dates for academic eligibility below.

DP Exception - Diploma Programme students who have failed only one DP class may request an Academic Eligibility Waiver. Find the waiver here.

Important 2017-2018 school year dates for Academic Eligibility:

October 20th at 4pm - Lose eligibility

November 17th at 4pm - Regain Eligibility (if all grades 70 or above)

January 12th at 4pm - Lose or Regain Eligibility

February 9th at 4pm - Regain Eligibility (if all grades 70 or above)

March 23rd at 4pm - Lose or Regain Eligibility

April 27th at 4pm - Regain Eligibility (if all grades 70 or above)


Important 2018-2019 school year dates for Academic Eligibility

Grading Period 1: Basketball. Cross Country, Fall Tennis, Swimming, Volleyball
Grading Period 1 Starts - August 8, 2018
Progress Report for Grading Period 1 - September 7, 2018 
Grading Period 1 Ends - October 5, 2018 
Lose Eligibility (if any grades are incomplete or under 70) - October 19, 2018, 4:00 p.m. 
Grading Period 2: Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Spring Tennis, Swimming,
Progress Report for Grading Period 2 - November 9, 2018 
Regain Eligibility (if all grades are 70 or above) - November 16, 2018, 4:00 p.m.
Grading Period 2 Ends - December 19, 2018
Lose or Regain Eligibility - January 14, 2019 
Grading Period 3: Baseball, Soccer, Spring Tennis
Progress Report for Grading Period 3 - February 8, 2019 
Regain Eligibility (if all grades are 70 or above) - February 15, 2019, 4:00 p.m.
Grading Period 3 Ends - March 15, 2019
Lose or Regain Eligibility - March 29, 2019
Grading Period 4: Baseball, Soccer, Spring Tennis
Progress Report for Grading Period 4 - April 18, 2019
Regain Eligibility (if all grades are 70 or above) - April 29, 2019, 4:00 p.m.


Athletics Financial Assistance
Meridian School wants all students to have the opportunity to participate. Financial assistance and/or payment plans are available for those who need it. To learn more, please visit Financial Assistance. Please contact financialaid@mwschool.org to request a payment plan or a sport's participation fee reduction.